Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mundane things on my mind lately

Moving out

Winter English Camp has been over for two days now. I'm left here in my dormitory all alone again... well at least in my floor. There are still a few staying here but this morning when I went out to jog, I saw some fellas carrying their luggage and going somewhere. I don't know where but it made me sad again to see people leaving. Don't get me wrong, I don't know these people and yet the feeling of emptiness starts to sink in... again. I've always told myself time and again that I am the type of person who doesn't like to see people going away for it breaks my heart. I prefer to be the one to move away, but because I can emphatize I try to stay for as much as I can. This fear of leaving is the same reason why I am afraid to go some place new.

And then the question, why do we have to feel down when people leave knowing that at the beginning, they would eventually go? Do we really think that there is the possibility that things stay the way they are?


Lately, I have been conscious about my appearance. Thanks to the gorgeous men I see walking around here in Korea. I've fallen in love with them as I have fallen in love to the idea that I should change my image if I want to look better.

And so, I started jogging in the morning after teaching English to my student. And I eat breakfast too to give me enough energy for the day. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I do feel better after doing this new routine but it takes so much discipline. And I'm talking about two days of extreme effort here. The cold wind that turns your sweat into popsicles isn't something to be ignored.

But the energy is not exactly the goal here. I am more concerned about toning my body. I am gorgeous and attractive, nothing can change that. But a little exercise can't hurt me. I am also after achieving those abs that you see men flaunting whenever they have the chance.

And speaking of chance, let me tell you that I will be in this public bathhouse again this Saturday which means I have to be naked again. I don't want to make my belly say "how do you do" to every living creature in that place. So, I'm taking the liberty of improving my ravishing looks which I hope does not become ravished.

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