Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad day

What is it about dirty rooms and insensitive roommate that makes you wanna ignore people. Add to that the feeling of absolute disgust about your day. I am so hating this. But I think I'm just upset because I'm not satisfied about the art work that I was doing. It's just that something is really missing in that so called canvass and I don't know what to do. I tried letting the others have their way but I guess I have been so clear with my vision to make the work simply artistic that I made them think twice before they can give an idea. Then the homework that must be finished. Then the student that I should meet at 7pm when I haven't prepared anything.
I am hungry, sleepy, broke and hopeless. I don't want to go back to HID today but I have no choice. I left my Chinese book but I am not in the mood to get it. I have an appointment at 12nn and I only have 10 minutes. I am so tired. Really tired.

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