Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I never really noticed and never really cared if I do daydreaming but as I think about it now, I am quite surprised that I do daydream. Mostly when I am alone I find myself busy with thoughts. Sometimes the thoughts just run through my mind by themselves and this happens for a very short period of time, say 30 seconds to 1 minute. I just don't notice it because I usually feel empty and light. Like I am not existing. And it becomes a kind of escape especially when I have so many things to do which I am really worried about. I just look at one thing and voila there goes the daydreaming. Sometimes it is enough to see colors, smell or music to put me in a dreamlike state. I particularly notice colors like amber and orange to bring thoughts. One time I was with a friend. We seldom talk when we were together so when we stopped for a while we were just standing beside each other without any words. He suddenly snapped his fingers in front of me and said "wake up." I was both surprised and annoyed. Surprised because I didn't expect that I would be daydreaming in a very unexpected time. Annoyed because I was distracted from the momentary bliss that I felt. And from then on, my friend started snapping his fingers whenever I look blank. I also find myself daydreaming when talking with people. The catch is this, when someone is talking to me for a very long time, my mind starts to associate words with pictures and I see things, feel emotions and suddenly gets lost with what the person is talking about. It can be messy sometimes because the other person might think (and most of the time they do) that I am not paying attention which is partly true. It is however not exactly a deliberate action. Once I find my mind flying, I immediately talk so I can be alert.

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