Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Journal No. 7 

You should always go with your gut regardless of what the facts indicate. The qualifier 'always' in this line is the only thing that I can't contend with. 

Surely, there are times when we cannot really explain something and you know for a fact that sometimes things don't go the way they are supposed to go. Then that's the only time you should rely on your gut feeling (instinct). 

For example, when I traveled to Seoul alone I got lost. I can read Korean language but I can't understand it. When I took the subway alone for the first time, I didn't really know where to go. In short, I was one clueless guy standing in the middle of busy passers-by watching them come and go. 

I tried to find the platform where I was supposed to go. Luckily I found it. But to my surprise, there were two tracks. One going South the other North. Both trains came already and I didn't have time to think. It's either I go in or wait. 

I am running late for my appointment that time so I didn't have the luxury of time. So I hopped in to one of the trains and crossed my fingers that my instinct was right. Lucky for me, the train went to the right direction. 

In this case, I used my gut feeling that the train was going my direction. How? I don't exactly know. 

There is just something in me that tells me to do it. It's also the same thing that happens to most of us in ordinary events. 

Say for example when you are buying an expensive clothe, or a house. Maybe it can also happen when you plan a trip to a distant land. You may feel when it is best to book a flight or drive a car for no apparent reason. 

There was this time that I had an appointment with a friend. We were supposed to meet at school but we didn't talk about where. That day, my phone battery suddenly died and there was no way of contacting my friend. I didn't know what to do but I know that she was also there waiting for me. 

I just walked and walked thinking what I should do then all of a sudden I found my friend sitting there on one of the benches right on my way. We just laughed when found how bizarre things could get but I just followed my instinct. 

This kind of gut feeling kept happening to me. Sometimes I would go some place for no clear reason and then something will happen. It's not like I'm expecting something to happen on the contrary I don't. 

There was also this time, that I was so disturbed I can't understand why. Three hours later, someone called me. It was my best friend's aunt, and she asked me if I know where my best friend was. 

Oh Then it hit me. Something wrong had happened. That night, the aunt found my best friend unconscious in a park. He was brought the hospital and could have died if he wasn't found earlier. 

Up to now my best friend is suffering from half-body paralysis. A nerve in his brain burst. This may sound freaky but this is not the point of it all. The point is, in life we can depend on gut feeling if we know we don't have to risk so much. For to do so, knowing how bad something may turn out if the action done out of gut feeling no matter the reward it may bring, is so reckless and may not be worth the try. 

As I put it, everything is not worth to be, but everything is worth trying.

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