Monday, March 31, 2008

I Know I Can

Journal Entry No. 8

Media and Research Presently, I'm taking Communication Research at the most prestigious university in the Philippines, the University of the Philippines. 

This however is not my original major which I may have cited in my previous entries. 

I was interested at learning languages before so I chose European languages, studying French first and would have studied Italian, Spanish, German and Latin. 

But the desire to learn languages easily withers like trees in a barren land. I just cannot see myself in my major. I mean I cannot see what future I would have if I finish this major. 

The failure to see a clear future prompted me to become a mediocre. I didn't study well and was always the last in the class. My other classmates were fairly ahead of me and during class discussions, I was so ashamed and embarrassed because I cannot understamd my professor nor can I speak the proper pronunciation of French words. 

Je ne peux pas parler parce que j'ai peur... de mon professeur, mes amis dans la classe et especiallement de moi. 

Those were the days when I feel my feet turn heavy when I am on my way to my classroom. In my mind, another day to be humiliated. 

I wanted to break free and so I heed my calling and finally decided to do something about my miserable life. Now I can see a brighter future for myself. 

At least I know where I am going. I want to work in the media and become popular. 

Pessimists would tell me that it is not easy to achieve my goals. But ay! I say to them, there is nothing easy in life. We all have to face difficulties and that is the reason why we are living. 

Without obstacles then life has no meaning. Without obstacles life would be boring. And so, although I may not achieve my goals in life easily, I have hope that life would smile at me. 

And even if the universe would conspire to bring me down, I can look at it straight in the eyes and say that I shall never give up. I like the essence of this poem, entitled 'Be the best of whatever you can be'. 

It has become my motto since I read this poem. It is a very simple, the poem tells us that if you cannot be the sun, then be a star. But be the best star that would shine a million times than the sun. If you cannot be a mountain, be a hill. But be the best hill people would never fail to admire. 

In essence, we choose to become what will happen to us. I chose to become successful and there's no stopping to it. 

Achieving my goal to be a successful, popular and rich TV personality would be full of challenges. But I know I can do it, why? Because I believe.

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