Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Positive Thinking

Faced with a blank screen I come to think about how positive thinking influences human existence. When we think about something, there is always that possibility of achieving that "thing." Although the road to the attainment is not always about rainbows and butterflies. There are always obstacles and for sure failures. Despite all these, the ultimate goal is to get to our destination. So the determined ones get there and the not so determined satisfy themselves wondering how it must have felt to be there. In some cases, others would resort to sour graping. In simple terms, we brand these people optimists and pessimists.

Just a day before this writing, I watched a Japanese movie entitled Battle Royale and I am not sure whether the idiomatic expression came from this morbid themed film where teens kill each other until one is left. The point is this, from this film there was a mention about how there are only two types of people in the world- the losers and winners. There is no middle. It's always either. When you choose to be a winner then you survive, if you choose to be a loser then the soldiers just kill you. Simple. Isn't life like that. All the people who have the winner attitude survive and dominate and the losers get buried six feet under the ground.

Then comes the notion of survival of the fittest thanks to Herbert Spencer and not Charles Darwin. For the record Darwin coined Natural Selection from his book "On the Origins of Species from Natural Selection" published during the late nineteenth century. The idea is that as time goes on, the species with the best gene survive the rough competition while the weak perish. The human species evidently has reigned the competition but the war continues. Everyday the best competitors come out of a group and climb the ladders of success. But what exactly does these so called better individuals have to become different from the normal ones?

Then comes the realization, if people think that they are born winners won't they live their lives thinking that the world has conspired to make everything and everyday an opportunity to become successful? Consequently, this positive thinking would catapult these people in front of the line making them the leaders in their fields.

So, is it really just about the thinking? Is success a matter of whether you believe it or not?

There is a story about a frog that goes like one day there was a competition among frogs and the task was to climb a very high wall. Everybody started climbing but one by one they fell until one remained. Those who fell kept shouting at the sole frog that he can't do it. That he can't climb the wall. That all of them already failed. And that nobody can do it. Alas, the sole frog reached the top. The frogs below were surprised and to their amazement asked the frog how he reached the top. They kept on asking but the frog just stared at them. It was later they found that the frog was deaf.

The human mind indeed is a very mysterious one. It can do stuff beyond imagination. And if you have chosen to imagine yourself as a sore loser then congratulations you already are. But think about how blessed you are for having all the opportunities in life then no sooner will you find that there you were right.

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