Sunday, March 16, 2008


This semester I have six subjects- English Conversation, Short Film Production, Chinese Language, Korean Cinema, Korean Language and Employment English. I really wanted to take some other Korean classes but up to now my facility of the language hasn't improved. I'm beginning to lose heart in mastering Korean. When I got here in Korea I told myself that my first semester would not end without me speaking fluently the language. Unfortunately I failed and because of that I am so disappointed. Yes failure teaches success. Yes everyone fails but just because we fail doesn't make us failures. On the contrary, we should be more challenged. I should be more challenged. Well it is not totally late for me to at least achieve a little of my goal. I have three more months and all that I need to do is give my best in my Korean class and I pray God may help me become a better speaker. I didn't really choose my subjects. I didn't know how to so I asked my friend to it for me. And all the subjects I have now are from my friend's judgment call. But they are really fine and interesting. Especially the languages. I don't know but I think I have a penchant at learning languages. My first language is Filipino, second is English, third is French, fourth is Korean and fifth is Chinese. Now when some friends ask "why" I am studying Chinese, I answer "why not?" In the Philippines, there are so many Chinese so I need to learn the language. Historically, the Filipinos have established quite a strong bond with the Chinese through commerce and this historical tie makes it even all the more reason to study Chinese. I think next languages that I'll be taking are Spanish and Japanese. For some obvious reasons. Perhaps the best class I have for this semester would be Korean Language. As of writing time, I haven't attended this class yet but this must be the best class this semester. It is my only chance to improve my skills. Last semester my Korean class was fun although was really tough from someone ignorant like me. My classmates then were like me beginner so there was really no problem in learning. She can't speak English but she tried to explain using body language.The least preferred class would be Korean Cinema. Well the subject isn't really that bad. It's just that the movies are far too boring. We watch 1940ish films and I feel I was watching old Filipino movies. Even the lecture makes me want to go out and grab a cup of coffee.But seriously I feel sad about this semester because there is always that thought at the back of my mind that three more months and I have to go back to my country. Three more months and Korea will just become a good memory to me. All the friends and places will become wonderful chapters in the book of my life. Three more months and I have to wake up, face reality and do what I am supposed to be doing. You see my stay here in Korea has been a very restful one. I have escaped the pressures of my university as well as the burden of my responsibility to my family and friends. But all that I must handover soon. I have no choice. I would surely miss Korea. It is not the I.Q. but the I WILL that is important in education.

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