Friday, April 4, 2008

The classes, finally



I'm not sure if I can write now but let me brush my teeth first. I'm really tired and still have so many things to do.

All right, I still have some consciousness to spare. Special things that happened today?

I got up early from bed today because I have some reading assignments in Intercultural Communication that I had to finish. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish them all.

Class with Dawn Davis was okay but I just had the impression that this will be one demanding subject. We have an assignment to do - a journal to keep. Talk about being busy.

Lunch was fun. The kind of experience you only get when you're so hungry and all, and you don't know where to get your next decent meal. Good thing when Isa and I went to the cafeteria, we have a classmate there who helped us buy food. So difficult if the people doesn't speak English.

Class with Dr. Kim was really challenging. By the way, as I've noticed, Dr. Kim's approach to film is not on the semiological level but structural level, surface level. What you see, what you get. I'm even surprised that he didn't know who the director of the film was.

After class, we visited Ms. Park about the tutorial. Said she only referred people if someone's looking. Left our email.

For dinner, we ate pizza courtesy of Sona. I'm so sleepy.

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