Friday, April 4, 2008

Hallym Overheard 2007 Edition

At the basement of Kumbyungje, 7:50pm

Allan: Oh, it's so cold

Marcy: That sounds cool.

Allan: What? I said cold.

Marcy: (laughs) I thought you said I'm full.

In front of HID, an HID resident just opened the door

Isabel: Thank you.

Girl: Whatever.

Allan: What? Whatever, hahaha

Everyone laughs

Girl: Oh, I'm sorry. I wanted to say welcome.

Inside the elevator of International Building

Isabel: Tingnan mo 'tong nasa unahan, pogi.

Allan: Ha, sino? Uhm, may hitsura.

Elevator opens people come out

Korean: Pogi.

What... nagulat kami ni Isabel. Marunong mag-Tagalog.

During Korean class.

Teacher explains something. A Chinese classmate asks Allan.

Phoebe: What is it?

Allan: Hindi ko alam.

Good luck naman sa Chinese kung naintindihan.

At Lotte World.
We were waiting in line inside Egyptian amusement park.

Boreom, looking tired and bored

Boreom: (To Uram) Will you visit me if I go to America?

Uram: I don't know. It will cost lots of money. Okay, I will.

Isabel: (To Boreom) Dun nakatira si John.

Sige, hanapin ni Boreom si John.

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