Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talking brain

I still can't believe it... I'm done with my midterm paper in Korean Cinema. Finally I'm free!
I should be happy but there's really no reason to be jumping for joy as I have tons of other works to do plus my part time job. Sometimes I think I have brain cancer already because I don't sleep well anymore. My head feels numb, just like now.

I'm sipping my coffee with my favorite Tangsuyuk (a kind of breaded pork strips with sweet and sour sauce) at 3:36 am. Who said coffee must be drank only with donuts... well let him be. The aroma of Maxim coffee from my white plastic mug decorated with purple flowers soothes my stressed mind...

MIND: Hey idiot better get some sleep or you'll die soon.

Yeah I know, see I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow... no 5:30.

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