Friday, April 4, 2008




List of names:
Ho Shik (Korean)
Bowel (Vietnamese)
Towel (Vietnamese)
Lang (Chinese)
Churi (Korean)
Itgel (Mongolian)

Third day's fine. Was able to find an atm machine and withdraw but my cold wasn't a reason to celebrate. And oh my, we walked to myungdong again today.

Think I had a violation. Am not sure. Bed check, oh how can I forget that today is Monday. Anyway, this won't happen again.

I'm quite sleepy now and classes will start tomorrow so I still have to get up early and wake up Isa at 7am.

Was able to talk to Tony, Woodam and Bill today. Am so glad.

My roommate Song is also here already and I'm quite uncomfortable. I'll just sleep. I'm really sleepy.

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