Wednesday, April 2, 2008

TRAVEL | West Sea, South Korea

February 25, 2008. Monday

2:36, Hallym Ilsong Library

I didn't come to the west sea trip because I had to see the dentist. I'm starting to think that my tooth is in a serious condition. I have been to the dentist for three times already but I need to go back after two days. I wonder why the dentist can't just pull the stupid tooth and call it a day. But maybe he's right. Maybe you just can't rush things in order to attain the best possible result. Maybe if he pulls it now, considering that the molar is connected to the brain, I might get serious brain injury. Well I don't want that to happen so I'll just let the dentist do his job.

About the trip to West Sea, I was really looking forward to it. To meet the students, see the ocean and feel the breeze. Despite the fact that I might endure the agony of finding myself in the middle of a conversation which I don't totally understand. I could have postponed my dentist appointment but I opted not to. I just felt like I don't have to be there. I have this gut feeling that it would do me better to stay here in Chuncheon than go someplace else.

Itgel went back to Mongolia today. I called him last night to say goodbye. I wonder how he felt before boarding the plane? I would be Itgel after four months. I would be on a plane and I would know how it must feel to leave a great country. So many memories. I've matured a lot in a matter of ten months here in Korea. I met so many friends, acquaintances. Some friends become for keeps, some just remain unknown faces. I have been to so many places and tasted so many kinds of foods. How can I ever leave? My life is such a bliss here. But no one can change the fact that I am a Filipino and the Philippines is where I belong. No matter how hard I try to make myself believe that I am so much better than the average Filipino, it still comes down to the truth that I can never be anybody else than a Filipino.

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