Sunday, May 11, 2008

Elle le regarde

It may be a bit of a bias to say that as a student of the French Language for two years, I've learned to detest and love the compexities I've faced with it. Learning French is like having a new tongue as you learn how to soften your words, make them come out as smooth as possible except with the R which you need to draw out from your throat like you need to spit something. The point of the matter is that just tonight, I've watched A Very Long Engagement and I couldn't tell you enough how much I've admired this movie. It certainly measures up to my expectation after watching Amelie and Da Vinci Code which both starred Audrey Toutou.

The best thing about A Very Long Engagement is simply expressed in one word, that is everything- the actors, the story, the cinematography. It's difficult not to be involved within 5 minutes.

C'est vrai que le film est en francais mais l'anglais, le subtitle, est present. En tous cas, meme si le subtitle est pas present, c'est pas difficile comprendre parce que les acteurs sont tres bon.

I'd say that this movie is one of my favorites among m long list. So I recommend this to others too.

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