Sunday, May 4, 2008

JOURNAL | Looking Back at Mom’s Lessons

Nowadays, I usually wake up late in the morning because I have to finish bulk of essays and review piles of articles the previous evening for upcoming deadlines and examinations. 

Then I look at my clock only to find out that I only have half an hour before my first class starts. And so I rush to take my bath, change clothes, and put in my bag the things that I know are to be used for the day. Unable to fix my beddings and clean up my mess, I run and if only I could fly, I swear I could have flown to the nearest jeepney station. 

When I finally get to ride the jeep, I often discover that I have forgotten something. To make the matter worse, my stomach would growl because I have not eaten anything due to time constraint. Amidst all these bedlams come times when memories of childhood would suddenly visit and I would compare how my simple life then has become so complex now. 

This simple life I owe all to my mother.

It is so easy to take for granted the kindness that mothers do to our lives. More often than not, we take them for granted believing that there is nothing special with the way they care for us. 

When I was a kid, I could not see the importance of my mother’s sacrifice. I remember that she was still in college when I was born. The task of raising a child while struggling her way through college was one feat I did not appreciate until later. She could have easily given up on her duties as a mother since there was my grandmother and grandfather back then. But no, she really lived up to her role as a mother and I could not repay her for that.

We are not rich and so raising a family was not a bed rose for my parents. Mother did not work immediately after receiving her diploma since my father has a job then. She was at home most of the time attending to our needs, cooking our meals, maintaining the house, and all the things that usual mothers do. 

Mothers in previous generations had a stronger filial connection to the family. Despite hardships, walking away was never an option. But modern times have changed and many a family would be broken for several reasons. However, it does not always have to be this way. Mothers can rely on friends, family and perhaps some professional help. For more information on relationship counseling, please see this link, dedicated to couples and relationships.

I remember that every afternoon, after going to a daycare center, she would make me take my afternoon nap in the living room floor with only a mat as my bedding while she watches “Eat Bulaga” from our 16-inch black and white television that has a manual switch. That was how simple our life was back then. I was contented with what little possessions we had.

Then there were times when I get sick. I vividly remember how my mother would feed me "lugaw" (porridge) and lead me to sleep. During the wee hours of the morning, she would check up on me and see how my fever’s doing and make me drink a glass of milk. Also, she would put "Vicks", a menthol cream, on my chest and back to make me feel better (and I feel better indeed).

In the morning, if I had class at my daycare school, she would prepare a peanut butter sandwich and reminded me to take care when going to school. And in the afternoon, when I go back home, she will ask me how things have been at school and we will talk about childish stuff like angels and heaven for I was ever curious about my guardian angel.

When I entered my elementary and high school, mother was still there for me. She still prepares my breakfast and wakes me up saying that I am going to be late if I do not get out of bed. Before going to school, she would ask me if my school materials are already in my bag or are there things which I have forgotten.

I must admit I grew tired of my mother’s meddling. At one point, I just wanted her to leave me alone and let me be. I just wanted to be free from her rules and instructions not realizing that all that she did for me was for my own good and with that I felt sorry for myself for to lose the concern of my mother is like losing the goodness of this world.

All mothers would only want the best for their children. Sometimes, there are instances that mothers would go overboard and invade the privacy that children learn to develop when they enter into adulthood and this I cannot blame on the part of our mothers because how can we take away something like caring for a valued child from a devoted mother. 

It is by nature that mother’s seek after the welfare of their children for even hens leading their chicks to search for food fight like a mad cock if somebody gets near them. Now we are talking about humans and human nature tells mothers to love and care for their children for if they do not, who will? And for that I will always be thankful to because I was given me a wonderful mother who taught me to be a better person and to see the beauty of a simple life.

The wind of the busy morning inside the jeep touched my face and even if I have forgotten something in my boarding house, I realized that nothing can bring me down for I am blessed with a loving mother. This disarray is nothing but an aftermath of college’s complexities and would be solved once I go back to the values of my childhood mother has etched in me and that is the importance of simplicity.

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