Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why suffer?

The weather has been so scorchingly hot today making me completely devoid of any desire to finish my reports for the next day. And so there I was lying in bed, sweating like an open faucet. Even my ears were like buckets from catching all the drip. I just so hate it. I want to move out. Find a better house. I will do it very soon.

Went to Church early this evening. And perhaps I was very sleepy that I found it difficult to understand what the priest was saying. I just kept on singing.

Now am back in my room, trying so hard to get over with my responsibilities and start living a life. I hate this kind of life. I want to live the life I've dreamed in Korea. Come to think of it. Why have I to suffer when I won't be needing and certainly using this stupid academic life. I am already smart and God bless my soul I don't have to suffer. I just know that I am better off without academic burden.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Internet: what a mess

It has been a week since I started using my internet connection. I was fool enough to think that my life would be so much better and easier now that I have a am connected to the world wide web. But look at me now, I am so miserable. I couldn't do the things I am supposed to do in my life. My academics and job are now affected by my addiction to surf internet sites which do not in any way make any significant contribution to me as a person. In short, I am just surfing stupid sites.

Well there is really no one to blame but me, myself and I. Like now. I am supposed to find a new house but because I keep on using this stupid internet, I just couldn't go out. I feel so miserable now. I hate it. I hate myself. My room is so messy but I couldn't find the time to fix it.

All right, from now on I'll be more conscious of my time. I have a dream and I need to focus. It's not too late for me to change yet. I'll redeem myself. I will have good grades, make lots of money and use the internet for business purposes only. No porns.

Checking my blog

I am trying to learn some things about my blog.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Things to do

This week, I am soon to die.

I am going back home not to rest but to show some friends around the city of Lucena.

Then on Sunday, pick up a friend at the airport.

How oh how can I do these things. Stupid me.

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