Monday, September 15, 2008

Osteology Class

I prepared for this report. Well it was only 4 hours thinking things will run fine. A big mistake. If there is one realization that I made today, that would be not to rely on cramming. Cramming sucks and only fools rush in. Duh, it sounds like a line in that old familiar song. But honestly, I swear I would never do this again. After what happened with my reporting. I think it wasn't even half of a reporting. It was more of asking. Imagine I was asking my classmates for the facts about my report as I need to identify certain parts of the pelvis.

Yes, my report is all about pelvis. The pelvic girdle. What do I know about the pelvis? Well, let me see. The pelvis is composed of the coxa. Before the coxa is formed, it is first separated into three parts, the innominate bones: the ilium, pubis and ischium. The left and right coxae are attached to the sacrum through the... (I'm hanging, I don't know what comes next!) Apparently, there are many osteological terms that I still need to work on and until then shall I make a good presentation in this class which I badly needed if I am to pass the course this semester. My life depends on this. So I need to work harder.

Now I'm thinking of becoming more serious with all my classes. With the combined power of technology, I can exercise my learning potential. I have always been the experential learner and I need to know at firsthand how things work so I can understand them. Thus, I am going to make blogs for all my important subjects this semester which include:

BC 100 - Introduction to Broadcasting
CR120 - Quantitative Research
Anthro 198 - Osteology
CR 130 - (already exists) Qualitative Research
CR 197 - Communication Campaign Evaluation

It's time to get serious. Really, really serious. Despite all these frustration, there is somethig good that happened today I feel so elated.

After the class in Anthro 198, the Osteology class; after blowing off my report in this class, my professor talked to me and asked me whether I am a medical student. I asked why and he said I seemed to learn fast in the class. I was so surprised because all along I thought I just kept disappointing the professor with my lousy performance in exams and recitations. I felt so happy that he thinks of me this way. I know I can be better in this class and although I only have less than a month to ace the class still I give it my best shot.

By the way, mom told me today that my bank account in BPI already closed. Damn it, it was just a month that I've had a below maintaining balance and still it closed. Now I have to go through all the trouble of opening a new account. Meaning, new papers and ID and all these stuff that make me want to curse the system. But what can I do? It already happened, I just have to live with it.

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