Saturday, September 13, 2008

JOURNAL | The Same Old Sunday

Well, what should I expect from this Sunday?

The neighbors as ever are belting it out as they sing from that stupid videoke in the middle of the day like they are the only ones living in the neighborhood. I just hate it. It would have been useful if they have been a little more considerate. Oh boy, now I can't study. With all these noise. It makes me so irritated and vexed. I'm so fed with all this crappiness. I hate it. I simply hate neighbors singing. I wish they would shut up the !@#$ up!

I am not usually like this. Ranting like crazy but I just can't help it. If you were in my position, I bet you would wish you can just burn that videoke machine so you can think clearly. I simply can't focus. This is maddening. Now, I am forced to flee to a more suitable place to study. I am going to Mini Stop just a few blocks away to escape this. Maybe there I'll be able to finish my homework. As I have unsurmountable amount of homework which by the way involve statistics. If I were a genius then I won't have to burn all those neurons just to do this but nature has not been kind to me. I have to put extra effort to get through all these exercises. Yes I am not a number person and the only way to keep up with my major subject's demands is to really focus, focus and may I say focus. This is really killing me. 

I've just consoled myself that only three more semesters and goodbye to all papers and reports. The bigger world is waiting for me. For the meantime, I need to go take a bath, eat a very late lunch and flee from the world of the noise-polluted house.

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