Thursday, September 11, 2008

Science and Technology

Science and technology for nature
This is a rough essay on science and technology so I apologize if this isn’t very substantial.

Close your eyes. Imagine a world where people live in caves, a world where the only means of transportation is through bare feet; the only way of cooking is by roasting meat on fire; the only way of communicating is by yelling; the only design of clothings is sheets of tree barks. How do you reckon would it feel to be in this kind of situation? To be in a situation where science and technology have never evolved into what we are seeing in the present.

Within centuries, human aspirations to create comfort to living has brought upon all the discoveries that we are enjoying now. In different fields, we see how human life has become simple and this we owe to the brilliance of people who never got tired of exploring all the possibilities. We have moved from a metaphysical world, believing that life is a realm influenced by unknown forces, mythical forces, into one that is what we call more scientific, more realistic. Today we know that our world isn’t the center of the universe, but part of other extra-terrestrial planets that revolves around the sun; that cancer is not caused by spirits living inside the body but by cancer-agents penetrating human cells; that elements come in simple matters that become more complex as it becomes compounded and that there is no element that would cause eternal life much to the disappointment of alchemy. Today, we have discovered so many diffeferent things that in the past are truly unconceivable.

Beyond all these however is the, borrowing from Al Gore’s term, inconvenient truth that science and technology with all the advancement they have given to us, have their downside. Needless to say is the hot like pancake issue of global warming. Yes, it might sound passe being the talk of nations for the past decades but there is that undeniable truth that we have been taking for granted the condition of nature.

We are living in the sole planet which harbors life and it is so ironic that people, especially those with power not to mention intellect, have done nothing sufficient to alleviate the current problem of this planet. It is not surprising that a time will come when this only place we are temporarily inhabiting won’t be able to support life anymore. Everywhere you go is a picture of gross negligence towards nature. Take China for example. The largest country in the world, with the largest population has been polluting the environment for the longest time. Suprisingly, China doesn’t come at the top, it only comes second to the United States which is the same country that didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol to lessen the carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is responsible for the global warming we are experiencing. These two countries already comprise nearly half of the pollution in the world and to think that there are hundreds of other countries, won’t that be unbearable enough? The horrors of our development.

If there is such a thing as sustainable development then it should be promoted and promulgated but in reality this is not what we get. Aside from the issue of global warming are also the issue of mass extinction due to the excessive exploitation of natural resources. Animals are fast disappearing because their homes are being claimed by big companies whose only goal is to earn. The growth of population also threatens the environment because consumption drives the capitalistic economy to produce more products and because of this, a vicious linear pattern of resource consumption happens. Take note, some resources are limited and cannot grow again. Logically, there will come a time when there won’t be left for the future generations which is really sad. The period of the dinosaurs had long passed but if this apathy and irresponsibility of people continue then it won’t be long that human civilizations would also be memories of a distant past only seen in books and museums.

How heartbreaking it is to know that despite all the advantages of science and technology is the fact that disadvantages come in hand. Sometimes it feels like disadvantage weighs more than the other. But it is not late. So long as there are genuinely good people who think of ways to change all the dreadful things in the environment then there is still a spark of hope.

Now open your eyes. See the world around. Have things become better or worse? A question which only you can answer.

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