Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Gloomy Tuesday

1. I Just Can't Say NO. 

I was supposed to cancel my appointment with Seong Il today. Thought of telling him how I need to stay here in Manila for the weekend to practice my Korean speech but he got ahead of me telling how he did not go to Mindoro because of what we've agreed to do this Friday. Well, there goes my peaceful weekend. I have to bring him around the city. It's not that I don't like to bring him to my hometown but I just feel this is not the right time. Anyway, it's better that I bring him there as early as possible. 

2. Ten minutes to 1pm. 

I just hate it when I have to get somewhere and I would leave the house 10 minutes before the time and I would start blaming everyone for the delay that they are causing me. This is my illness. I am so sick of this so I just to kill this habit but it's really difficult. I must be early in my dealings. I almosy got late at work this afternoon too. I left the house 45 minutes before my work time. I couldn't eat dinner anymore. 

3. Sensitive over leaking roof.

The jeepney I rode had a leaking roof and some passengers got wet. So was I. When one of the passengers pointed out the problem the man beside the driver succintly quipped that he get out and change jeepney. This is just no way to admit one's fault. Filipinos are like that. Can't accept mistake. My tutee also asked me why was I making him memorize useless things which he thinked was for an elementary student. It was indeed a lazy method because I did not prepare anything for the class, I just want him to read something. But it was difficult for me to admit this mistake so I pretended not to be affected. 

4. Clutter. Clutterer. Clutterest. 

My computer in the office is in a complete fiasco. I could not find the files and I don't feel like finding them there because it is really a jungle. These past few days I have become to disorganized and my life is in a complete mess. I just hope life would soon be better for me.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

TRAVEL | Coming Back to Korea

The reason why I need to go back to Korea

Pondering on reasons why I need to go back to Korea, I've listed a few:

Cultural Difference.
My experiences. 
What has happened within 10 months? 
Why I want to come back? 
It might help the Filipinos improve their lives like what happened in Korea when they sent Koreans abroad to learn from other countries. 
Learn more how to speak Korean. 
Justify why I can’t speak well I’ve seen so many things but 10 months is not enough to fully understand the system. 

The Big P: Procrastination

It is a scenario everybody is familiar with – from the hardest-working student to the easy-going couch potato: it is 3:00 AM, and what seemed like easy schoolwork a couple of hours ago now stares at you from your desk like some mountain of indigestible information. Every page you read and every sentence you write seems to give birth to a dozen more. Your eyelids weighs as much as a 1,500-page novel begging for a book report. But sleep would be a bad idea at this time, just when you have that report to do. You can barely feel your fingers going tap, tap, tap on the keyboard. The only thing that is clear is that your mind is begging, no - screaming, for a good night’s sleep and a break from any thoughtful activity… forever. Finally, when you least expect it, your bodily need for sleep takes control, pulls down the blinds and makes a comfy pillow out of the surface of your study table. Babies don’t sleep half as well. But of course, babies don’t wake up screaming and panicking in the morning over lost time and unfinished work. And by then it is back to the same old grind. Ah yes, stress, that magic, five-letter word we all work so hard to avoid. We make well-coordinated plans, schedule our lives to the last nanosecond, and yet no sooner do our planners with their timelines and budgets fall flat for an unannounced appointment with Mr. Stress (he usually comes after school hours, around four in the morning). We could blame the things we have no control over for throwing wrench into our carefully laid-out plans: that stalled dump truck that blocked the road this morning shall be the root-cause of every evil from now until next school year. Then there is the neighbor who thinks of himself as a disc jockey and therefore subjects the entire block to his collection of boom box horrors. Well of course we could just admit that we were lazy to begin with. As hard as it is to confess, the real reason we wend up doing our homework when the roosters start crowing is because we let it get there. Thinking about staying up late to do your work may not sound like a bad idea when you’re watching your favorite primetime TV show. But when everybody in the house is asleep except for you, then it will take heavy-duty chains to keep you from joining the rest of humanity in dreamland. That is what you call procrastination – the act of putting something off until the very last minute. Unfortunately for most us, our days are like machines – they consist of tightly knit plans that depend on the previous one to function properly. By now you should know that getting stressed-out starts as one little deviation from our plans due to procrastination. Old habits die hard, but one of the best ways to deal with it is to remember that putting something off could very well affect our day’s pacing. It is also helpful to deal with problems one step at a time so you also feel rewarded for little accomplishments. So kick your feet up, pick up that book and start reading – it is almost bedtime. Source: Iñigo de Paula. (2001). The big P: Procrastination. In Magica 4 (2). p.2

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Integrity Development Action Plan (IDAP)

So far we've already done the following:


Well for my part, I've already thought of how to arrange the introduction and review of literature. I'll be doing a chronological introduction, meaning the history of corruption then move to the creation of PAGC and then the IDAP itself.

I feel that the IDAP will take most of the discussion in the paper. Plus, there will be a review and there must a discussion on fighting corruption and how it might be related to the study.

We've also decided to use the communication model of Worjak something for our theoretical framework. Hmm, makes me think about the models we have in our class. So I better chack them out then work on them.

Also some additional objectives were made, and we've decided to just focus on the education component of the project since communication campaign would be

Friday, October 17, 2008


지금 나는 지난 쓰기를 봈어서 나는 안 공부하고 있어.

Semester's Almost Done

Finally, I'm almost done though I think I'll de really dead after this semester. But that's the least of my worries. What I am happy about now is the fact that everything will come to their place soon. Just one more subject, pass the paper and voila, that's it. Today I learned something useful from my professor. I won't ever forget her. Divide 24 hours into three, 8 for work, 8 for play, 8 for sleep. The last should always be complete and if I need to work over time, time should be taken from play. Hmm, makes sense to me. Next semester I'm still weighing up the possibilities but I might take just three subjects so I can have a lighter life and work at the same time. I may not be an honor student but at least I'm healthy. Health is more important.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I feel blessed, despite tribulations

I just finished working on two gruesome papers which I think would only go in the dumps because it's really a trash. I am so exhausted, I haven't sleep yet but there are still some other work to finish. It's like my job does not end but I'm giving my self until this Friday and I'll be all right. I'll do whatever I do and I'll search for my self.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Am the Best

Eyes feel like closing, brain refusing to process, body almost giving in. It's just so difficult to work when you are so sleepy. I studied last night but I didn't get much out of a crammed information taking. I think I'm really dead this semester. The hell I care. I just need to fix my academic life. I'm not usually like this. I am the obssessive compulsive type. But the only thing that makes me OC about is my stupid hair that looks like wig every so often. Up to now, I haven't achieved what I planned when I was in Korea. No cellphone, no clothes, and most especially no house. I am smart but I can't maximize this intelligence. I can't understand why. I am becoming more lazy everyday. Yes, I am trying to change but my attempt is futile. I guess I should put more effort. I hate being mediocre. I want to be at the pinnacle again. I don't want to be looked down. I have nothing except for the respect others give to me. Without those then I am trash. Am I asking for assurance from others? I guess, this is the reason why I don't trust myself. If only I can stand on my own, but whenever I try I always fail. There's always that point that I feel there's no reason for keeping this pretending. There's only one thing that I want to happen and that is to be the best among the rest. I want to be the best again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Theater 100: A Compilation of Narratives

Then where shall I begin. The story of theater is a long one indeed. But let me take some time to write things which I think deserves to be written. THE ELIZABETHAN THEATER James Burbage, father of Richard Burbage, erected the first theater building and was called "The Theatre". >>who is also part of the movie Shakespeare in Love. The Main Structure of a Theater: Pit, Canopy, Heavens, Tiring House, Gallert, Tower, Discovery Place, Balcony, Cellarage >>typical of early renaissance theater similar to the guilds The Stage Has apron but bare, no scenery nor props, continuous The Globe Theater Shakespeare's plays are performed here >>but Shakespeare moved from The Globe to Blackfriar's Actors Must have good voice and certain knowledge, and femme roles are played par les hommes. Two Kinds of Acting Companies Adult Companies & Boys Choir Two Main Acting Companies in London 1. Lord Chamberlain's Men 2. Admiral's Men Elizabethan Costume: 1. Status of speaker 2. Spectale visually exciting 3. Keep attention of less educated 4. Symbolic Elizabethan Playwrights Shakespeare, Marlowe, & Jonson John Fletcher & John Webster LA DRAME DES FRANCAISES Carrdinal Richelieu Advocated the proscenium stage (perspective scenery) and neoclassical ideals >>advocated in Italy Neoclassicists Two forms of drama >> comedy and tragedy >>Never mixed Neoclassical ideals: 1. 5 acts 2. Unities of time 3. Place (one place) 4. Action (one plot) 5. Endings uphold poetic justice Corneille - Le Cid (tragedy) [C-LC] >>started the foundation of tragedy Racine - Phaedra (perfect tragedy) [R-P] >>next level of tragedy Moliere - Tartuffe (comedy) [M-T] Scenic Demands 1. Set in one place and required no scene change 2. Settings are so generalized 3. Stage is bare 4. Candles and oils are used 5. To darken stage a) extinguish lights b) open cylinders above lamps c) lamps on poles, movable >>List of writers and their works to follow SPANISH THEATER Drama Two traditions >> Moorish and Catholicism Moorish - women and honor Catholicism - faith and doctrine The Religious Drama Auto Sacramentale Trade Guilds >> Carros Autos >> too carnivale The Secular Drama Comedy of Calisto & Malibea (by Fernando de Roxas) Founder of Spanish Drama >> Juan del Encina >> Ecalogue of Placida & Victoriano Established honor-vengeance theme >> Bartolome de Torres Naharro Superior to his contemporaries >> Gil Vicente Father of professional Spanish theater >> Lope de Rueda Spanish history and classical themes >> Juan de la Cueva Don Quixote >> Miguel De Cervantes The Two Major Playwrights 1. Lope Felix de Vega Carpia [LFDVC] 2. Pedro Calderon de la Barca (Calderon) [PCDLB] >> Life is a dream a) Cape and sword b) Serious Public theaters in Spain >> Corrales >> Marin Bellini in Seville Patio, Taburetes, Gradas, Cazuela, Stage and Scenery: 1. Raised platform with a permanent facade 2. Medieval like mansions at the side 3. Scenic pieces 4. Several trapdoors THE AVANT-GARDE Theater of the Absurd >> showed the total impermanence of values >> precariousness of human life (meaninglessness) >> illogical situations Martin Esslin >> The Myths of Sissyphus Existentialism >> Little meaning to existence Absurdism >> The world was unreasonable and illogical Ionesco >> Amedee; How To Get Rid of It; The Chair; Rhinoceros Jean Genet >> The Maids; The Balcony Harold Pinter >> "Pinter pause" >> The Room Samuel Beckett >> Waiting for Godot; Endgame MODERN THEATER Realism >> Henrik Ibsen >> Realisric school >> German Realism >> Adolf L'Arronge >> >> Gerhart Hauptmann >> Before Sunrise >> Herman Sudermann >> Magda >> Arthhur Schnitzler >> Anatol >> Realism in England >> George Bernard Shaw >> Back to Methuselah >> Realism in Russia >> Konstantin Stanislavski & Vladimir Danchenko >> Moscow Art Theater Naturalism >> Emile Zola >> Henri Becque >> The Vultures; La Parisienne >> Andrei Antoine Nonrealist Theater >> theatrical imagery Symbolism >> Stephen Mellarme >> Maurice Maeterlinck >> "most dramatic moments are those silent ones" >> Emile Jacques Dalcroze >> Eurythmics August Strindberg >> The Father; Miss Julie Sigmund Freud >> Nonrealistic Theater in Engand Oscar Wilde >> Salome J.M. Barrie >> Peter Pan DADAISM (Tistan Tzara & Hans Arp) >> nonsense and the irrational were as true as the ordered world EXPRESSIONISM >> what the dramatist conceives what the inner reality of his drama to be CONSTRUCTIVISM >> Meyerhold >>The Magnanimous Cuckold EPIC THEATER The Theater of Alienation >> Erwin Piscator >> Totality, Immediacy, and Authenticity >> The Robber >> Man's potential for growth and social change Bertolt Brecht >> Marxist and pacifist INDIAN THEATER >> Sanskrit Play >> Folk Play Tradition >> Chhau >> masked dances for Shiva >> Kathakali >> Hindu epics ASIAN THEATER >> Characteristics >> Participative, Total, & Stylized [P-T-S] MUSICAL THEATER >>early forms of musicals >>>> Ballad Opera >>>> Comic Opera >>>> Operetta >>>> Burlesque >>>> Shadow Shows >>>> Commedia Dell'Arte Elements >> Book, Lyrics, Score, Dance, Design Modern Musical Theater Jerome Kern "theater is an art form meant to be performed on stage" >> Show Boat >> Oklahoma >> My Fair Lady >> Shaw's Pygmalion Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II >> The King and I >> The Sound of Music Stephen Sondheim >> Sweeney Todd >> Cabaret >> Man of La Mancha Andrew Lloyd Webber >> Jesus Christ >> Evita >> Cats >> The Phantom Cameron Mackintosh >> Miss Saigon >> Les Miserables >> Phantom of the Opera Broadway Musicals >> refers to theatrical performances presented in one of the 39 large professional theatres with 500 seats or more located in the Theater District of the borough of Manhattan in NY

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sleep is my greatest enemy

It's not that I don't have anything to do at the moment. On the contrary, there are many waiting to be finished. But the room is proving to be a challenge. My eyes, drowned by four cups of coffee seem to surrender to the sleepiness I feel. As I've said, the room is so comfy that I don't feel like doing anything except sleep. I'm not even in the mood for this writing. I want one thing and that is to sleep. But if do then I don't want to face tomorrow anymore. I need to do my tasks now or else I'll be facing more consequences so I better go ahead.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


6 October, Monday

We shot 90% of our production and we're almost done. We are only lacking some few parts but overall, we have finished most of what we need to do. Now we're confident that we'll be able to beat the deadline.

For the house sequence, we shot in Allan's boarding house and it took us one hour to finish the shooting. Though it was tedious, everyone was happy about what we have accomplished. As AC puts it, even if we are not film majors, we can still make a film and we're confident that this production would be a good one so everyone should better watch out for this.

During the shooting, the four of us (since sadly James didn't come) worked hand in hand. Allan is the cameraman, while Ena is the sister, AC is Tara and ________ is Let-Let. But if someone is not on camera, she holds the lamp that serves as an improvised light together with the mirror as the reflector. We also had to make sure that every scene is consistent so we look at the arrangement of things closely making sure they are in order. Funnily, we were al laughing at the thought that we might re-shoot so can't wash our clothes yet because we might need them.

The second leg of the shooting was done at the park. It was an open park and fortunately the weather was nice so we had a successful shooting. Gawkers were present as we did our task but they were cooperative so we didn't have much problem. We finished the park scene blissfully. Thank God. Then the group decided to take candid shots

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Theater Production Review...  
Teresita Performed by AGHAM (University of Makati)
Though the title evokes some kind of a contemporary theater production similar to Carmen or Miss Saigon, truth of the matter is that this play is nothing anywhere near the two mentioned plays. In fact, it is actually a depiction of St. Therese. Expectedly, the story centered about the ups and downs of the young lady who wanted to serve the convent at a very young age.

To be fair, the set design of the production was commendable. On the left side of the stage, they have set up a revolving set piece of house façade that when turned becomes a bedroom. On the right side, they have built pillars and arches to resemble a church, convent, and mausoleum. On the background is a painting of houses in 18th century France. The costume was also well thought of as they bring to life French couture. The lighting added some effect to the show such as spotlighting characters and switch on and off for rapid song numbers.

The production also employed showers of glitters to portray snow, and a shower of supposed-to-be petals which in a closer look are cut papers. The stage is wide enough, ideal for movements. I think the stage is a third bigger than Guillermo Tolentino’s. Even the theater is big. It’s a little bigger than Tolentino’s with balconies. Smoke machine was also utilized for some scenes especially during the earlier scenes. The actors used wireless microphones. The kind of microphones you put on your ears so that the head will be near your mouth. I was awed because I didn’t expect that a university stage play production would have such equipment.

On the other hand, there were really some bothering things about the play that made want to leave my chair and rather do my homework or study for my exams. First thing, the play started forty minutes late. Then before the play started, it was all black and they started releasing smoke. I could not understand why they had to use smoke since the opening is not a dreamy sequence or not even a dramatic one. It was supposed to awesome, but it bcame oh-boy!

 To myself I just thought, maybe they wanted the smoke machine to be used anyway. So during the you-can-hardly-call overture, the towns people started limping and jumping as if they were ballerinas but they were not synchronized and because the men were dancing, the way they danced distracted me from the overall performance plus the audio was too loud.

 After seeing the first part, I didn’t expect anything from the play anymore. It was so disappointing. Then enter the girls and sang their parts. I was even more surprised that the play was actually a musical. I wasn’t aware of it. Perhaps I have grown accustomed to Broadway musical’s way of singing their lines that I couldn’t help looking for that element in other musicals that I see. I have noticed that in Broadway, lyrics fit the dialogue and it comes smoothly throughout the song. The words are pronounced clearly for the audience to hear. But in Teresita, the lyrics doesn’t make any sense. It’s like the lyrics just came out of the blue that even if it does not express the lines demanded from the scene, the lyricist still pushed them in perhaps out of stress. We can never be sure. Also the order of the song is very incoherent.

In one scene there is an ecstatic song number then shifts to a melancholic one. Consider the scene where Teresita’s family meet the town’s priest where they go all jumping and feasting then Teresita’s family move’s away and Teresita sings sadly because she seems to be enduring some lonely feeling. Without much ado, the funeral procession then came out from the back and the audience realizes that it is Teresita’s mother who just died that’s why Teresita is sad.

The story is even lamer. If I were a five-year old kid and I was to summarize the play then it would be like this- Teresita wanted to become a nun but she is still young so the cardinal didn’t allow her. She was persistent so in the end she became what she wanted to be. But because she’s weak, she died in the end. The whole time I was watching this play, I kept on expecting the climax but there is just no climax that I can think of. The story just ended where it is supposed to end.

At the start of the play, a narrator tells the audience when and where Teresita was born and died. So in effect, I think the whole point of the one-and-a-half hour play was just to wait for Teresita to die, which in my opinion did not really give justice to be called an ending. The singers are good, but they can be better. The father of Teresita for instance seems to be lacking a gift for notes that you hear him sing the way a very old cassette tape would (with scratches). Some singers go out of tune and most of all, their hand movements are very distracting. Every word stressed is accompanied by a generic hand movement- directed to the audience, to the sky, to the left, and to the right. It feels so artificial that it is so difficult to get hooked with the story. If the director is Brechtan then he did an excellent job.

Seriously, I was a bit irritated with all those hand gestures. The actors also do not maximize the stage. They just stay in one area if they have a song sequence. However, I must say that Teresita had a good voice along with her sisters. There was this Cardinal in the play who sings like April Boy Regino and I couldn’t help smiling when he sings. His voice was so high that he only needs to wear a cap and belt out, “di ko kayang tanggapin…”

My only recommendation to the play is for the director to rearrange everything. From the musical scoring to the lyrics. The choreography was not bad but more practice is needed. And since the men should portray as men, they should look like one. It’s acting after all, and if their dancing is so sissy then it defeats the purpose of putting men in the scene. They should appear strong and lean.

The singers should also rehearse their songs and make sure they get the right tones. Before the show begins, they should check the audio equipment so that technical glitches can be avoided. The revolving set piece should also be made in such a way that it will move faster because in certain scenes where the set piece should have been moved, the audience still sees it being pushed.

Lastly, the story should be revised (I wonder if they have consulted the script to a professional stage director). I think the story would be better this way. Teresita should not be portrayed as weak and submissive. She should be more aggressive and purposeful. She must have a love interest but because she felt the need to become a nun, she left her lover. The man, broken-hearted, convinces Teresita to flee with him and live a free life, Teresita was about to give in when she learns that her father died. Feeling guilty, Teresita refuses her lover and remained inside the convent. After some years, Teresita learns that her lover committed suicide. Because of this news, Teresita got ill and also died. And just like in any other tragic stories, there must be some comic relief so there must be a funny character.

These are some of my thoughts about the play Teresita. In my opinion, the play considering it was done by university students (University of Makati students) was an average one. It could be better though. It may sound a bit of a bias but Dulaang UP really set my standard in watching stage plays that if a play doesn’t measure up to the kind of plays DUP presents then they are still average or worse below.

But as for Teresita, I’ll give it 6 out of 10.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Star-filled day

3:49, at least according to my cellphone. Troubled by the many the many things that I need to finish, I woke up terrified by the fact that I have actually wasted time by sleeping. I never intended to sleep in the first place by perhaps my body fails to do what my mind directs I have done the gravest mistake that I can do to my career, that is to sleep.

This morning, I went around the city with my Korean boss to look for some American high school textbooks. So we went to National Bookstore in Cubao, and when we couldn't find enough books there we transferred to SM Megamall, which because I thought it was considered as one of the biggest malls in Asia would have a bigger repository of books in the Philippines. But I was wrong. To my dismay, I've realized that National Bookstore in Megamall is as big as a regular store around the campus. Well, I've learned my lesson. You can never work on assumptions. You need to verify facts.

Walking around the metro, I've bumped into my godfather with his wife. It was so uunexpected to see him at such a very unexpected place. Actually I've chanced upon seeing him at St. Francis' Square (which reminded me just now that it is St. Francis' feast day according to Fr. Jerry Orbos' program over DZMM). I wasn't so sure then so I didn't approach him. But when my boss and I went to Podium and watched Kuh Ledesma's album launching, I saw my godfather again, and I thought I shouldn't miss this chance and if ever he's not my ninong I'll take the chance. So I approached him and it was him indeed. I paid him my courtesy and he gave me his number andtold me to visit him some time. He even gave me money. What a lucky day.

Next, walking after the concert I saw so many actors/singers at Podium. I was at the escalator when I saw Maxine Magallona, and on the first floor I said hello to Erik Santos. Not bad for a Saturday marred by unsurmountable anxiety because of university crap.

My student BK on the other hand is having his day at this place I don't know somewhere in Gangwon-do. Below is his sons picture:

(From L-R: Cobe and Scott)

Now I'm back to work, or should I say I'm back to the fact that I need to work. My landlady's already up as well. And it's 5:04, twoo hours wasted without accomplishing anything really. How I wish I have a better life. This one sucks but this is also better than nothing compared to children on the street or out of school youth. Don't want to be part of their statistics.

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