Sunday, October 19, 2008

Integrity Development Action Plan (IDAP)

So far we've already done the following:


Well for my part, I've already thought of how to arrange the introduction and review of literature. I'll be doing a chronological introduction, meaning the history of corruption then move to the creation of PAGC and then the IDAP itself.

I feel that the IDAP will take most of the discussion in the paper. Plus, there will be a review and there must a discussion on fighting corruption and how it might be related to the study.

We've also decided to use the communication model of Worjak something for our theoretical framework. Hmm, makes me think about the models we have in our class. So I better chack them out then work on them.

Also some additional objectives were made, and we've decided to just focus on the education component of the project since communication campaign would be

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