Tuesday, October 7, 2008


6 October, Monday

We shot 90% of our production and we're almost done. We are only lacking some few parts but overall, we have finished most of what we need to do. Now we're confident that we'll be able to beat the deadline.

For the house sequence, we shot in Allan's boarding house and it took us one hour to finish the shooting. Though it was tedious, everyone was happy about what we have accomplished. As AC puts it, even if we are not film majors, we can still make a film and we're confident that this production would be a good one so everyone should better watch out for this.

During the shooting, the four of us (since sadly James didn't come) worked hand in hand. Allan is the cameraman, while Ena is the sister, AC is Tara and ________ is Let-Let. But if someone is not on camera, she holds the lamp that serves as an improvised light together with the mirror as the reflector. We also had to make sure that every scene is consistent so we look at the arrangement of things closely making sure they are in order. Funnily, we were al laughing at the thought that we might re-shoot so can't wash our clothes yet because we might need them.

The second leg of the shooting was done at the park. It was an open park and fortunately the weather was nice so we had a successful shooting. Gawkers were present as we did our task but they were cooperative so we didn't have much problem. We finished the park scene blissfully. Thank God. Then the group decided to take candid shots

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