Saturday, October 4, 2008

Star-filled day

3:49, at least according to my cellphone. Troubled by the many the many things that I need to finish, I woke up terrified by the fact that I have actually wasted time by sleeping. I never intended to sleep in the first place by perhaps my body fails to do what my mind directs I have done the gravest mistake that I can do to my career, that is to sleep.

This morning, I went around the city with my Korean boss to look for some American high school textbooks. So we went to National Bookstore in Cubao, and when we couldn't find enough books there we transferred to SM Megamall, which because I thought it was considered as one of the biggest malls in Asia would have a bigger repository of books in the Philippines. But I was wrong. To my dismay, I've realized that National Bookstore in Megamall is as big as a regular store around the campus. Well, I've learned my lesson. You can never work on assumptions. You need to verify facts.

Walking around the metro, I've bumped into my godfather with his wife. It was so uunexpected to see him at such a very unexpected place. Actually I've chanced upon seeing him at St. Francis' Square (which reminded me just now that it is St. Francis' feast day according to Fr. Jerry Orbos' program over DZMM). I wasn't so sure then so I didn't approach him. But when my boss and I went to Podium and watched Kuh Ledesma's album launching, I saw my godfather again, and I thought I shouldn't miss this chance and if ever he's not my ninong I'll take the chance. So I approached him and it was him indeed. I paid him my courtesy and he gave me his number andtold me to visit him some time. He even gave me money. What a lucky day.

Next, walking after the concert I saw so many actors/singers at Podium. I was at the escalator when I saw Maxine Magallona, and on the first floor I said hello to Erik Santos. Not bad for a Saturday marred by unsurmountable anxiety because of university crap.

My student BK on the other hand is having his day at this place I don't know somewhere in Gangwon-do. Below is his sons picture:

(From L-R: Cobe and Scott)

Now I'm back to work, or should I say I'm back to the fact that I need to work. My landlady's already up as well. And it's 5:04, twoo hours wasted without accomplishing anything really. How I wish I have a better life. This one sucks but this is also better than nothing compared to children on the street or out of school youth. Don't want to be part of their statistics.

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