Monday, October 13, 2008

Theater 100: A Compilation of Narratives

Then where shall I begin. The story of theater is a long one indeed. But let me take some time to write things which I think deserves to be written. THE ELIZABETHAN THEATER James Burbage, father of Richard Burbage, erected the first theater building and was called "The Theatre". >>who is also part of the movie Shakespeare in Love. The Main Structure of a Theater: Pit, Canopy, Heavens, Tiring House, Gallert, Tower, Discovery Place, Balcony, Cellarage >>typical of early renaissance theater similar to the guilds The Stage Has apron but bare, no scenery nor props, continuous The Globe Theater Shakespeare's plays are performed here >>but Shakespeare moved from The Globe to Blackfriar's Actors Must have good voice and certain knowledge, and femme roles are played par les hommes. Two Kinds of Acting Companies Adult Companies & Boys Choir Two Main Acting Companies in London 1. Lord Chamberlain's Men 2. Admiral's Men Elizabethan Costume: 1. Status of speaker 2. Spectale visually exciting 3. Keep attention of less educated 4. Symbolic Elizabethan Playwrights Shakespeare, Marlowe, & Jonson John Fletcher & John Webster LA DRAME DES FRANCAISES Carrdinal Richelieu Advocated the proscenium stage (perspective scenery) and neoclassical ideals >>advocated in Italy Neoclassicists Two forms of drama >> comedy and tragedy >>Never mixed Neoclassical ideals: 1. 5 acts 2. Unities of time 3. Place (one place) 4. Action (one plot) 5. Endings uphold poetic justice Corneille - Le Cid (tragedy) [C-LC] >>started the foundation of tragedy Racine - Phaedra (perfect tragedy) [R-P] >>next level of tragedy Moliere - Tartuffe (comedy) [M-T] Scenic Demands 1. Set in one place and required no scene change 2. Settings are so generalized 3. Stage is bare 4. Candles and oils are used 5. To darken stage a) extinguish lights b) open cylinders above lamps c) lamps on poles, movable >>List of writers and their works to follow SPANISH THEATER Drama Two traditions >> Moorish and Catholicism Moorish - women and honor Catholicism - faith and doctrine The Religious Drama Auto Sacramentale Trade Guilds >> Carros Autos >> too carnivale The Secular Drama Comedy of Calisto & Malibea (by Fernando de Roxas) Founder of Spanish Drama >> Juan del Encina >> Ecalogue of Placida & Victoriano Established honor-vengeance theme >> Bartolome de Torres Naharro Superior to his contemporaries >> Gil Vicente Father of professional Spanish theater >> Lope de Rueda Spanish history and classical themes >> Juan de la Cueva Don Quixote >> Miguel De Cervantes The Two Major Playwrights 1. Lope Felix de Vega Carpia [LFDVC] 2. Pedro Calderon de la Barca (Calderon) [PCDLB] >> Life is a dream a) Cape and sword b) Serious Public theaters in Spain >> Corrales >> Marin Bellini in Seville Patio, Taburetes, Gradas, Cazuela, Stage and Scenery: 1. Raised platform with a permanent facade 2. Medieval like mansions at the side 3. Scenic pieces 4. Several trapdoors THE AVANT-GARDE Theater of the Absurd >> showed the total impermanence of values >> precariousness of human life (meaninglessness) >> illogical situations Martin Esslin >> The Myths of Sissyphus Existentialism >> Little meaning to existence Absurdism >> The world was unreasonable and illogical Ionesco >> Amedee; How To Get Rid of It; The Chair; Rhinoceros Jean Genet >> The Maids; The Balcony Harold Pinter >> "Pinter pause" >> The Room Samuel Beckett >> Waiting for Godot; Endgame MODERN THEATER Realism >> Henrik Ibsen >> Realisric school >> German Realism >> Adolf L'Arronge >> >> Gerhart Hauptmann >> Before Sunrise >> Herman Sudermann >> Magda >> Arthhur Schnitzler >> Anatol >> Realism in England >> George Bernard Shaw >> Back to Methuselah >> Realism in Russia >> Konstantin Stanislavski & Vladimir Danchenko >> Moscow Art Theater Naturalism >> Emile Zola >> Henri Becque >> The Vultures; La Parisienne >> Andrei Antoine Nonrealist Theater >> theatrical imagery Symbolism >> Stephen Mellarme >> Maurice Maeterlinck >> "most dramatic moments are those silent ones" >> Emile Jacques Dalcroze >> Eurythmics August Strindberg >> The Father; Miss Julie Sigmund Freud >> Nonrealistic Theater in Engand Oscar Wilde >> Salome J.M. Barrie >> Peter Pan DADAISM (Tistan Tzara & Hans Arp) >> nonsense and the irrational were as true as the ordered world EXPRESSIONISM >> what the dramatist conceives what the inner reality of his drama to be CONSTRUCTIVISM >> Meyerhold >>The Magnanimous Cuckold EPIC THEATER The Theater of Alienation >> Erwin Piscator >> Totality, Immediacy, and Authenticity >> The Robber >> Man's potential for growth and social change Bertolt Brecht >> Marxist and pacifist INDIAN THEATER >> Sanskrit Play >> Folk Play Tradition >> Chhau >> masked dances for Shiva >> Kathakali >> Hindu epics ASIAN THEATER >> Characteristics >> Participative, Total, & Stylized [P-T-S] MUSICAL THEATER >>early forms of musicals >>>> Ballad Opera >>>> Comic Opera >>>> Operetta >>>> Burlesque >>>> Shadow Shows >>>> Commedia Dell'Arte Elements >> Book, Lyrics, Score, Dance, Design Modern Musical Theater Jerome Kern "theater is an art form meant to be performed on stage" >> Show Boat >> Oklahoma >> My Fair Lady >> Shaw's Pygmalion Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II >> The King and I >> The Sound of Music Stephen Sondheim >> Sweeney Todd >> Cabaret >> Man of La Mancha Andrew Lloyd Webber >> Jesus Christ >> Evita >> Cats >> The Phantom Cameron Mackintosh >> Miss Saigon >> Les Miserables >> Phantom of the Opera Broadway Musicals >> refers to theatrical performances presented in one of the 39 large professional theatres with 500 seats or more located in the Theater District of the borough of Manhattan in NY

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