Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Gloomy Tuesday

1. I Just Can't Say NO. 

I was supposed to cancel my appointment with Seong Il today. Thought of telling him how I need to stay here in Manila for the weekend to practice my Korean speech but he got ahead of me telling how he did not go to Mindoro because of what we've agreed to do this Friday. Well, there goes my peaceful weekend. I have to bring him around the city. It's not that I don't like to bring him to my hometown but I just feel this is not the right time. Anyway, it's better that I bring him there as early as possible. 

2. Ten minutes to 1pm. 

I just hate it when I have to get somewhere and I would leave the house 10 minutes before the time and I would start blaming everyone for the delay that they are causing me. This is my illness. I am so sick of this so I just to kill this habit but it's really difficult. I must be early in my dealings. I almosy got late at work this afternoon too. I left the house 45 minutes before my work time. I couldn't eat dinner anymore. 

3. Sensitive over leaking roof.

The jeepney I rode had a leaking roof and some passengers got wet. So was I. When one of the passengers pointed out the problem the man beside the driver succintly quipped that he get out and change jeepney. This is just no way to admit one's fault. Filipinos are like that. Can't accept mistake. My tutee also asked me why was I making him memorize useless things which he thinked was for an elementary student. It was indeed a lazy method because I did not prepare anything for the class, I just want him to read something. But it was difficult for me to admit this mistake so I pretended not to be affected. 

4. Clutter. Clutterer. Clutterest. 

My computer in the office is in a complete fiasco. I could not find the files and I don't feel like finding them there because it is really a jungle. These past few days I have become to disorganized and my life is in a complete mess. I just hope life would soon be better for me.

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