Monday, November 10, 2008

BRIQUETTE UP: Revival of Briquette Industry

I, as a member of UP Kalilayan (a non-profit organization in the University of the Philippines), is asking for your help to make our dream of helping our fellow Quezon citizens improve their lives. Please vote for BRIQUETTE UP: Revival of Briquette Industry at this site The Project
Project Title: BRIQUETTE UP Revival of a Briquette Industry Rationale/Background The municipality of General Nakar in Quezon is the province's biggest municipality. It is also among the province's outlying communities that has an agricultural lifestyle. During the Christmas season in 2004, Gen. Nakar along with other neighboring towns experienced a twist of fate when it was struck by a tragic tsunami. Thus, both lives and livelihood were lost. UP Kalilayan now targets to revive the briquette cooperative in this municipality. Briquettes are solid blocks that are used as a fuel and are commonly known in Tagalog as "uling." Project Description: The project will be a two-phase venture. On the first part, this project will undertake briquette quality improvement. The second part will involve marketing. Objectives: The project will address three particular community needs which are: a. Render competitive livelihood b. Facilitate environment-friendly schemes c. mitigate economic crisis broughta bout by oil price hikes Expected Output/Output Indicator: The briquettes will serve as the concrete outputs that this project will yield. Project Components: Pre-research, in the form of ocular visit and vox pop interviews were done in order to qualify the community's needs. It is then followed by a research and analysis of previous reports regarding the cooperative. Materials development and analysis which involve testing of new briquette mixtures will take place after. While doing so marketing will also be done. The results will then be culminated through a workshop with the employees. Strategies of Implementation: This project was designed to do the two phases simultaneously. Marketing and new mixture designing will be held for five months which will start on November and will end in March. By the end of March the results will be implemented through a workshop. Target Beneficiaries: This project will generally benefit the whole Gen. Nakar community. Schedule and Venue of Implementation: The project will be formally implemented in Gen. Nakar briquette cooperative, on March 28, 2009. Proposed Budget: Php 40,000 - mixture testing Php 25,000 - workshop materials Php 15,000 - capital and initial salary Php 10,000 - marketing expenses Php 10,000 - transportation Sustainability Plan: Upon seeing that the cooperative is stable and can be let alone, the organization's intervention will cease. Until then, the organization will constantly check the production processes and update its market

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