Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday madness

Audition blues For the iSing Rewind singing contest, I went to FC AVR and did some belting though I must say that the belting is an overstatement. I was really shaking all the while. I don't undertand seriously why I still feel this way knowing that I have been to a number of contests in front of the public and every time I go up on stage, I feel so amateurish and start shaking. My friend Isabel sais I have stage fright. Why do we have to get afraid of standing in front of the people? There is really no use for that. And, by the way I wore Nico's (my roommate) black long sleeves. I felt so sexy donning the shirt with my chest half exposed to seduce everyone. I think I gave the song some justice I hope.
Shooting, fires all over Yes. I may just have shot fires all over after this classmate kept me waiting for one hour. She said she'll be late for 30 minutes but she came 3o minutes beyond that. I was so pissed off. I have a schedule to follow and she ruined everything. Why are Filipinos so inconsiderate of others. They feel it okay to delay others. I hate people like those. I would have left and just do the shooting myself. Damn it. But she came and we did what has to be done. Although I am not confident that her camera is enough to capture the audio of the shooting. I leave that responsibility to them. For the meantime, I've finished the interviews and all that I have to do now is to analyze the interviews and arrange them. I didn't like the first editing they (my film major classmates) made pretending it was an editing when all they did was splice the videos and piece them together without really editing anything. This time I swear I will arrange the videos myself. I have sacrificed so much for this documentary and I want to have a high grade. The best grade possibe for my ethics class. On a side note, the interviews with poor people proved to be more difficult than the experts. Why? I couldn't answer that question directly, but I think these poor people are afraid of us, UP students, conscious that they know their answers would be wrong. Can I take it against them? Well, I don't think I am in the position to blame poor uneducated people. But that is the reason why I am trying to do something for them. They need to be raised from where they are- apathetic and hopeless.
Office bum I don't like it when I arrive in the office to do only evaluations of my students. This is the reason why I don't want to be a teacher or an office worker. I get too bored writing. I want action in the field. I guess I was trimmed for a different field; not reallyfor educating.

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