Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine with family

Spent St. Valentine's Day with my family. Actually, last Saturday I just went home thinking of bringing my pup at home. But due to some unforeseen events, somebody took my pup. So there goes my pup. Still I went home. I was hoping that I can relax at home, forget all my worries. But that was my mistake. I couldn't sleep properly because I had to finish some docu work. It was really awful. Saturday night, I slept at 5am and had to get up at 9am. We went to a fishpond restaurant and we ate there. I'll be posting the pictures after I get home. Interviewe some impoverished people from Lucena. And at night I transcripted the interviews. With only an hour's sleep, I went back to Manila. In the bus, I was so groggy and disoriented I forgot whether I am going home or going to Manila. Guess that's what happened when you don't take a rest.

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