Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Funny line

A girl about to park her car was suddenly cut by a brute guy. The guy gets off his car and darts the girl in the car a cunning look. "It pays to be fast." Said the guy. Then the girl in her car suddenly crashes her car to the guy's car as if it's the most normal thing in the world, and then she told the guy, "It's pays to be rich."

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dahil ako ay nag-aartehan lamang

Siguro yun nga, spur of the moment, spur of emotions. Pero nalinawan na naman ako kaya I deleted the post. Nabasa man niya, I don't care anymore.

<거위의 꿈>

<거위의 꿈> 난 난 꿈이 있었죠. 버려지고 찢겨 남루하여도 내 가슴깊숙히 보물과같이 간직했던 꿈 혹 때론 누군가가 뜻모를 비웃음 내 등뒤에 흘릴때도 난 참아야 했죠 참을 수 있었죠 그 날을 위해 늘 걱정하듯 말하죠 헛된 꿈은 독이라고 세상은 끝이 정해진 책처럼 이미 돌이킬 수 없는 현실이라고 그래요 난, 난 꿈이 있어요 그 꿈을 믿어요 나를 지켜봐요 저 차갑게 서 있는 운명이란 벽 앞에 당당히 마주칠 수 있어요 언젠가 난, 그 벽을 넘고서 저 하늘을 높이 날을 수 있어요 이 무거운 세상도 나를 묶을 순 없죠 내 삶의 끝에서 나 웃을 그 날을 함께해요 늘 걱정하듯 말하죠 헛된 꿈은 독이라고 세상은 끝이 정해진 책처럼 이미 돌이킬 수 없는 현실이라고 그래요 난, 난 꿈이 있어요 그 꿈을 믿어요 나를 지켜봐요 저 차갑게 서 있는 운명이란 벽 앞에 당당히 마주칠 수 있어요 언젠가 나 그 벽을 넘고서 저 하늘을 높이 날을 수 있어요 이 무거운 세상도 나를 묶을 순 없죠 내 삶의 끝에서 나 웃을 그 날을 함께해요

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Helpful Internet Sites (by category)

Helpful Internet sites (by category)

Expressions/ Idioms

http://www.englishdaily626.com/ http://www.idiomsite.com/ 

Accent/ Pronunciation  

Adult activities  


Thursday, March 19, 2009


The last thing that I want to happen in my life is for people (or companies in this case) to keep me hanging and expecting for something to happen which I think should have been done early on in the first place. What am I ranting here? It's the fact that up to now, I still don't have a company to do my internship. I am really disappointed at how slow these companies are in replying to the applications I have sent to them. Am I asking too much when I say that they should schedule my interviews now before the end of March 2009. I should plan my schedule too. It's really not my loss so I don't go after these companies but I just am after the allowance that they are giving to the interns. Summer is a long three month period and no one will tell me to let this opportunity to earn go pass by. That is the most stupid advice I ever heard in my entire academic life. After all, what is the purpose of studying? Is it to forever be enclosed in the four corners of our classrooms? Should it be to become idealists all the time? They say that internship gives the students the feel of the corporate world. If so, why deprive us of the monetary remuneration when we would also toil together with the rest of the older working force. Really illogical if you ask me. Makes me blow my top all the time. The reason this country is not progressing is that it tries to exploit the resources it has without considering the welfare of the exploited. And the cycle is repeated as future exploited becomes exploiters. This is the irony I just cannot take from my forsaken country.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Faced with the fact that my internet connection in my room has finally been cut, I had to learn a few body bending techniques just to plug those chords unto a CPU without directly looking at the terminals. This means that I am running the risk of getting electrocuted early in the morning, something that makes me think whether this is worth the trouble at all. Later at 10:30, I am meeting my student NEO at CMC to have a class. Sometimes I envy this student of mine because he only has to pay to learn necessary English skills from someone like me who has been seriously troubled by the failure to submit necessary papers to my professor. I am slowly losing hope but I have really nothing but HOPE. If I lose it then I lose everything. My life would be such a complete waste. Anyway, I am in this SHABBY internet cafe, waiting for 5:00 to come so I can have class with my student BK and hopefully things get fine. Just a sidenote, I have dreamt of my professor last night. It's not really bad at all but I am starting to think hoiw much she has been affecting my existence that she creeps even in my dreams. To think that I have only slept for three hours. Three hours of sleep for today? I don't think that's enough, makes me worried for the day's activities. Good thing it's Thursday now. Only a day to go before we can have some time to breathe. It's really difficult to breathe nowadays. I hope things get better soon. And that I may finish all my responsibilities.

Andrew's address

서울시 서초구 방배동 537-29 방배빌라 103호 137-060 jonghan1002@hanmail.net

Setting Personal Goals

I have so many things running in my mind. Just too many I couldn't manage them anymore, as if I am living in a world of make believe; I feel like I am standing in a an open field staring up high at all the things I wish I could achieve, helpless from my incapacity. The article below provides some guidelines on how to have a direction in life.
We often hear people say, “I need more direction in my life.” Setting personal goals can give your life a sense of direction. It’s a technique used by top athletes and successful business people in all fields. Before you set personal goals, think about what you want to achieve in your life. Try to set goals in some of the following categories: Career – what do you want to reach in your career? Community service – do you want to help make the world a better place? Creative – do you want to achieve any artistic goals? Education – is there any knowledge you want to acquire? What information will you need to achieve it? Family – what kind of relationship do you want with your husband, wife, children, and other family members? Financial – How much money do you want to earn? Physical – Are there any athletic goals you want to achieve? Recreation – How do you want to enjoy yourself? Write down your goals and think about them carefully. Are they realistic? When will you be able to achieve them? To help you make the process more manageable, divide your goals into smaller tasks. For example, if you want to reach a major goal in ten years, set a five-year goal, a one-year goal, a three–month goal, and a one-month goal. Remember your goals can change with time. Adjust them regularly to reflect this growth in your personality. Be sure your goals are things t\you hope to achieve, not what your parents, spouse, family, or employers want. Source: Richards, J. C. (2005) Interchange 1 (3rd ed.). New York: Cambridge University Press. P.111

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Worries

So what's on my mind recently? Well nothing but HOW TO FIND A COMPANY THAT WOULD PAY INTERNS! I am getting anxious as some of my friends have found theirs already. What am I to do if I don't get in somewhere I am looking for. I don't really want wasting my time in an office exploiting my talents with nothing in return. I still am clear on the reason why I burden myself with years of studying, and that is to earn. Tomorrow, I need to finish some papers for my particpatory research subject. It's all about the Cupertino visits. Actually, I don't think an overnight would be enough to do the paper. But what the heck, I just have to make it and pass it tomorrow. No extensions. Then there's also the issue of C140 Media and Society. Staggering 20 papers to be finished within 5 days. Oh dear oh dear. Actually I can do this, I have no other option. No time to be so perfect too. Cramming. I thrive on cramming. The C110 is not to be outdone as this CODE OF ETHICS should be finished/ symposium about advertising waiting to be accomplished. Whew! Don't I just wish to split my body into multiple parts to do all these.

IMPRESS10N: Importance of Media on the Bid for the 2010 National Election

Note: In 2010, our 165 class in Communication Research Department conducted a survey on pre-campaigning and was featured in several media outfits. Below is one of those.

Voters don’t like pre-campaigning: study

Posted at 03/14/2009 5:09 PM | Updated as of 03/15/2009 2:34 PM

Here’s a reminder to politicians aspiring for national positions in the 2010 elections: increased exposure on television and other forms of media may not make them desirable to voters.

A study presented on Saturday by University of the Philippines students on perceptions of media presence of possible presidential and vice presidential candidates showed that high visibility in the media of personalities aspiring for the top two positions for the 2010 elections does not equate to desirability of potential candidates.
The study, IMPRESS10N: Importance of Media Presence on the Bid for the 2010 National Elections, by students of the University of the Philippines Communication Research Department, showed that increasing exposure of potential candidates through the media may not improve their desirability since most voters draw a connection between media visibility and pre-campaigning.

“In the last couple of months, certain public officials have appeared in daily newscasts and newspaper front pages more than they used to, while some have become endorsers of commercial products or spokesperson in public service advertisements. Interestingly, this increased appearance of politicians in the media becomes even more suspicious as we draw closer to the 2010 national elections,” the study noted.

Eighty-three percent of the respondents, the study said, believed that “name recall, publicity, popularity and media mileage, or simply put, pre-campaigning was the motivation behind the potential candidates’ media presence,” the study said. Meanwhile, only 16 percent believed that their presence in the media was work-related.
The study was based on 681 face-to-face interviews with residents in urban and suburban Metro Manila, Central Luzon and the Calabarzon (Cavite-Batangas-Laguna-Rizal-Quezon) and on two focus group discussions—one for the young Filipino potential voters (17-35 years old) and another for old potential voters (36 and above). Sixty percent of interview respondents were female while 40 percent were male. Respondents were distributed equally among age brackets.

“High media visibility was risky for those with political ambitions since media may emphasize the negative rather than the positive facets of the potential candidates,” the study concluded.

A number of possible contenders for the presidential race have recently appeared in some advertisements in television. Among them are Senators Manuel Villar, Manuel Roxas, Francis Escudero, Loren Legarda, and Vice-President Noli de Castro.
Increased exposure in television news of potential candidates, the study said, was not viewed by some respondents as a form of politicking although respondents, across all classes and ages, believed that politicians use their status and position to gain even more publicity.

Possible candidates

The study also asked the respondents for the names of the possible candidates for the 2010 elections and their slogans and symbols.

Villar topped the list with 79 percent of the respondents saying that he would be running in 2010. Respondents say that orange has been his most remembered symbol, and “Sipag at Tiyaga” his most memorable slogan.

Following Villar were two former media personalities: Legarda and De Castro. Forty-eight percent of the respondents believed that Legarda would be running while 45 percent said that De Castro would be a candidate in the 2010 national elections. Green Revolution has been the advocacy linked to Legarda by most of the respondents while De Castro’s “Kabayan” was his most recalled tagline.

Roxas landed on the 4th spot with 34 percent while Metro Manila Development Authority chair Bayani Fernando was in the fifth place with 26%. Roxas’ most recalled tagline was Mr. Palengke while respondents cited “Metro Gwapo” as his “most resounding advocacy.”
Those who occupied the sixth to tenth spot in the list of potential candidates for 2010 and their most remembered slogans were as follows: Panfilo Lacson (25%), “Kamay Na Bakal”; Francis Escudero (22%), “Say Chiz”; Joseph Estrada (16%), “Erap Para sa Mahirap”; Jejomar Binay (12%), “Makati, Atin Ito”; and president Gloria Arroyo (6%), “Gloria Labandera.”

Potential Candidates and Percentage of Respondents Who Believe That They Will RunSlogansSymbolsAdvocacies
Manuel Villar (79%)Sipag at TiyagaColor OrangeOFW Welfare
Loren Legarda (48%)Green RevolutionColor WhiteWomen Empowerment
Noli De Castro (45%)Kabayan   KabayanPabahay (Housing)
Manuel Roxas (34%)Mr. Palengke (Market)PalengkePoverty Alleviation
Bayani Fernando(26%)Metro GuwapoColors Pink and BlueTraffic
Panfilo Lacson (25%)Kamay na bakalKamay na bakalAnti-corruption
Francis Escudero (22%)Say ChizBamboo-look alikeYouth Empowerment
Joseph Estarda (16%)Erap Para sa MahirapWristbandHelping the Poor
Jejomar Binay (12%)Makati, Atin ItoMakati CityEconomic Development
Gloria Arroyo (6%)Gloria LabanderaNunal (Mole)Economic Development
Source: Impress10n: Importance of Media Presence on the Bid for the 2010 Elections, UP

Other names that were identified by respondents as possible candidates but failed to make it to the top 10 include:
  • 14 incumbent senators;
  • Batangas Governor Vilma Santos and her husband, Socio-Economic Planning Secretary Ralph Recto;
  • former House Speaker Jose de Venecia;
  • former First Lady Imelda Marcos and her daughter Imee;
  • boxing champion Manny Pacquiao;
  • Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte;
  • Jesus Is Lord’s Eddie Villanueva;
  • El Shaddai leader Mike Velarde;
  • broadcasters Korina Sanchez and Susan Enriquez;
  • actress Susan Roces;
  • ZTE star witness Jun Lozada; and,
  • former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc-joc” Bolante.
When it comes to criteria in selecting the choices of president and vice-president, one-third (33%) of those interviewed said they consider the politicians’ personality while nearly one-fourth (23%) considered the candidates’ political track record. Almost one fifth (19%) considered the educational background while 17 percent considered the work ethic.

“Interestingly, for the respondents, physical appearance, family background and personal wealth, which have been traditionally used as gauges for politician’s viability in public office are less considered as these characteristics were mentioned by less than one percent of the respondents,” the study said.

TV: Still on top

Meanwhile, television remains to be the most influential medium, with almost all (98%) of the respondents using it. Radio was used by 62 percent while Internet and broadsheet were used by 42 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

“The results of the survey and the FGD echo conclusions made by previous studies that television is the most widely used, and most influential, the study said. “All top five candidates were seen most often by the respondents on TV.”

The study, however, noted that only few respondents saw the potential candidates in the Internet, a medium that has become popular in the Philippines and has been used extensively in other countries for organizing political campaigns and soliciting campaign donations.

“The Internet, which seems to draw the greatest excitement these days due to [US] president Barack Obama’s history-making and breaking rise to power, was hardly ever mentioned by the respondents when asked in which media they see potential candidates most,” the study said, adding that most respondents prefer using this medium for other purposes like downloading music, visiting social networking sites and chatting.

The media, the study showed, is perceived by most of the respondents as information provider and watchdog. A big majority of the respondents (69%) perceived that media’s primary role in politics is to inform and educate while 28 percent see it as fulfilling the function of a watchdog.

More than a third of the respondents (38%), however, believed that the media were not fair in reporting about potential candidates. Meanwhile, 31 percent believed the media were fair. Respondents said that media were not fair because it can “build up or put down personalities, as well as sensationalize or downplay issues”, “can be bribed” and “have their own agenda.” (Newsbreak)

Source: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/03/14/09/voters-don%E2%80%99t-pre-campaigning-study

The 165 class

Class picture, batch 2010

Professor Aleli Quirante in the foreground. Simply love her.

From Left to Right: Afable, ME, Jojit, Inigo, Mykee, Gian, and Aissa

The boys of 165: Tristan, Afable, Gian,

With Professor Jimenez

With Gian Borgonia

The 165 people, happy after the event

Vacation is coming, but not so soon

What is ironic about March is that it is suppose to give students like me that ease knowing that vacation is just around the corner. But no, these days I feel so bounded by all the responsibiities that I just to attend to. Again, my head is spinning as if I have nowhere to run. I keep my academic life and my professional career trying to balance the two but it just feels so impossible. How can I do that when my time seems to slip out of me. I wake up everyday looking forward not to discover what's in store for me today but instead, I look forward to waking up to another day so that time will soon finish. That things are just gonna be over. I know things will be better soon. I just need to learn some patience.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

iSing Rewind, the final day

Tomorrow is the day I will gain prominence in the university. A chance to prove to the whole academe that I can create a name. A name never to be taken for granted. A legend, forever remembered in every corner. This is it. A chance to be immortal.

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