Thursday, March 19, 2009


The last thing that I want to happen in my life is for people (or companies in this case) to keep me hanging and expecting for something to happen which I think should have been done early on in the first place. What am I ranting here? It's the fact that up to now, I still don't have a company to do my internship. I am really disappointed at how slow these companies are in replying to the applications I have sent to them. Am I asking too much when I say that they should schedule my interviews now before the end of March 2009. I should plan my schedule too. It's really not my loss so I don't go after these companies but I just am after the allowance that they are giving to the interns. Summer is a long three month period and no one will tell me to let this opportunity to earn go pass by. That is the most stupid advice I ever heard in my entire academic life. After all, what is the purpose of studying? Is it to forever be enclosed in the four corners of our classrooms? Should it be to become idealists all the time? They say that internship gives the students the feel of the corporate world. If so, why deprive us of the monetary remuneration when we would also toil together with the rest of the older working force. Really illogical if you ask me. Makes me blow my top all the time. The reason this country is not progressing is that it tries to exploit the resources it has without considering the welfare of the exploited. And the cycle is repeated as future exploited becomes exploiters. This is the irony I just cannot take from my forsaken country.

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