Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Worries

So what's on my mind recently? Well nothing but HOW TO FIND A COMPANY THAT WOULD PAY INTERNS! I am getting anxious as some of my friends have found theirs already. What am I to do if I don't get in somewhere I am looking for. I don't really want wasting my time in an office exploiting my talents with nothing in return. I still am clear on the reason why I burden myself with years of studying, and that is to earn. Tomorrow, I need to finish some papers for my particpatory research subject. It's all about the Cupertino visits. Actually, I don't think an overnight would be enough to do the paper. But what the heck, I just have to make it and pass it tomorrow. No extensions. Then there's also the issue of C140 Media and Society. Staggering 20 papers to be finished within 5 days. Oh dear oh dear. Actually I can do this, I have no other option. No time to be so perfect too. Cramming. I thrive on cramming. The C110 is not to be outdone as this CODE OF ETHICS should be finished/ symposium about advertising waiting to be accomplished. Whew! Don't I just wish to split my body into multiple parts to do all these.

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