Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Faced with the fact that my internet connection in my room has finally been cut, I had to learn a few body bending techniques just to plug those chords unto a CPU without directly looking at the terminals. This means that I am running the risk of getting electrocuted early in the morning, something that makes me think whether this is worth the trouble at all. Later at 10:30, I am meeting my student NEO at CMC to have a class. Sometimes I envy this student of mine because he only has to pay to learn necessary English skills from someone like me who has been seriously troubled by the failure to submit necessary papers to my professor. I am slowly losing hope but I have really nothing but HOPE. If I lose it then I lose everything. My life would be such a complete waste. Anyway, I am in this SHABBY internet cafe, waiting for 5:00 to come so I can have class with my student BK and hopefully things get fine. Just a sidenote, I have dreamt of my professor last night. It's not really bad at all but I am starting to think hoiw much she has been affecting my existence that she creeps even in my dreams. To think that I have only slept for three hours. Three hours of sleep for today? I don't think that's enough, makes me worried for the day's activities. Good thing it's Thursday now. Only a day to go before we can have some time to breathe. It's really difficult to breathe nowadays. I hope things get better soon. And that I may finish all my responsibilities.

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