Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Contract signing

I just signed the contract at Citi Philippines today.
After signing the who-knows-how-many-pages papers given to me, I've come to terms that I am really here where I intended to be. I really wanted to be part of something big and be challenged by the demands of working in an international company.

Anyway, I am starting this journal to document all that I would be experiencing back there, the feelings and emotions and what I think about the people I'm going to work with. It's a nice idea that people would be able to read this. I want people to be a part of me. That's all.

I don't have the luxury of time so let me just enumerate some observations I have of the company.

1. Respect appointments please. I was supposed to meet this person at 2:00 but it was already thirty minutes when she came. Talk about punctuality.

2. Taxi fares, my dear. It was so expensive to pay for the taxi so I think the allowance we have would only go to taxi fares. Darn.

3. Good company, always convenient. I have Jojit with me and so I have a company. Good thing.

4. Truth matters. I intended to make an excuse about starting on Monday but I opted to be more honest and they let me. It pays to be honest.

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