Monday, April 27, 2009


This week should have been a fine one since there are only four days to toil.
Friday's gonna be a holiday so it'll be a free day. Thank God.

The problem is, my bosses felt that it is about time to shower us with responsibilities.
As if we have don't have enough yet, they have decided to give us an extra load.
Whew, I feel like I'm going to die soon.

I've been through tough times.
I've weathered some big storms.
But this is one storm I feel like giving up against.

The tasks are just too much that whenever I see their faces,
all I see are tasks to be done or waiting to be done.

I am not the type who just gives up when the going gets tough.
But they are way too much, and I feel so weak against them.

Sometimes I ask myself whether this hell is worth all the trouble.

Today we got our email accounts.
Receiving email in Citi is a reason to celebrate.
After all, you now have an identity in the company and people can now reach you through their computers.
I felt happy for a time, but there's the hesitation at the back of my mind.
Email only means additional burdem.
I so hate it.
But I don't have any choice but to accept my fate.

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