Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This afternoon, I had to escape from my boss who was so busy talking with her superior.
After finishing the tasks (some of them), I left the building not caring what she'll think when I do.
The thing is, she has kept me and my classmate 30 minutes beyond our work time.
What can she complain about?

Earlier we had lunch at Causeway, a Chinese restaurant.
Everybody paid except for us interns.
I just don't feel that because we were fed lunch, we have to tolerate this abuse.
I just feel so enraged by this.
I came there to learn and this is all I get- calling some agencies for some brochures and banners which should be done by just anyone.

Darn it.
Even delivering letters to other floors are given to us.
Is that in any way to treat interns?
Is this what we are supposed to learn?
I think I am wasting my time there.
I am now giving this company another week and if things don't become better, I swear I will accept the offer of McCann who by the way sent me a message asking me if I am still interested.

The problem with McCann is that they replied so late.
What, are they expecting UP students come crawling to their so-called high profiled name?
Darn. I am so tired that I just get irritated by this system.
Students get more burdened instead of trained.
As I have said time and before, I will not be a part of this corporate craziness.

They don't really have to like me and I don't have to like them.
This is plain prfessional and nothing more.
They ask me- I give them. Simple.
But please stop asking for the moon.
Let me finish one thing before I get another.
I feel so frustrated.

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