Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Nothing annoys me more than insensitivity. The following entry describes how during the course of this particular day, I was asked to go hither and thither running after some people in the building and when supposed to leave, had to bear some last minute requests.

1. Aggressive.

In a corporate setting, I realized that dealing with people entails tuning your personality. Sometimes you need to be meek, like a lost lamb. Sometimes you need to assert your dominance and make people understand that they can't go horsing around you.

Excess of these two behaviours are both undesirable as too much meekness might prompt people to abuse you. Too much aggression can make you dislikable. The point is to balance the two all the time. When you start noticing that the people around you are abusing you are making a fool of you, then that's the time you need to pause and reconsider your position. There's something wrong and like all troubleshooting, the right wires should be discovered to make the right connection solve the problem.

2. Time. When it's time, it's time.

I just don't get it why on Earth people have to rush things on the last minute. The day has been long enough to prepare the tasks needed to be done. And then when time to leave comes, that's the time people start cramming as if there's no tomorrow. I'm not saying that we should put for tomorrow what can de done now. What I am saying is that we need to maximize the time we have for the moment. For crying out loud, I am so pissed off askig to stay beyond required time.

In a story about the Japanese workers I have read months ago, it was told that Japanese workers stay beyond office hours to finish work without overtime pay. But this is different when people who also have their own life are affected by this insensitivity. I just wish that they be more considerate.

3. Honesty is the best policy. But more than that is telling people in advance things that we need to do.

I learned that we need to notify people in advance if we have to do something that might affect them. This is one essential value that I hold and endear to defend me against what I call corporate abuse. Let them know that I have a life too and I don't find it funny to stay when I need to leave.

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