Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm still a college scholar

In my university's parlance, being a college scholar meant being a dean's lister as normally called in other universities. I wasn't expecting this, since my target was to be a university scholar but still I am happy though my major subject gave me a really low grade which I think I don't deserve. It's just that there are simply people who are jappy putting people down. But as if I am gonna be affected by their jealous attitudes. I have reestablished my worth as a student and no insecured grade conscious selfish monkeys and bitches would ever make me feel bad again. They are just pathetic to pull people down so that they can come up. Very crabbish indeed, and I hope three more pairs of hands grow on them so they can just show off the world how much greedy they are. The long and short of this- I am very very pleased with my semester's turn of events.

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