Friday, April 24, 2009


Strong emphasis
on company employees

1. Established teams/ departments
>Each employee is assigned to a specific department
>There is a team head – task is to supervise
>Team meetings for projects
>Team members are assertive and detail-oriented
2. Team activities
>Raffle draws
3. Employee recognition
>Awarding day (nominated by fellow employees)

Strong emphasis on
company clients

1. Development of advertising materials
2. Marketing projects like coffee and lunches
with clients, promotions
3. Newsletter
4. Perks for the clients –brochures, freebies
5. Clients are monitored
6. Help desk for customers for questions and assistance

Strong emphasis
on the market

1. Competitor monitoring
>The moves of other banks are monitored by the
involved department

2. Marketing projects
>There are projects that help entice potential clients
and satisfy existing ones plus they have promos every once in a while

3. Webpage
The company webpage is highly maintained


Creation of Departments
Create departments in the company that will supervise
necessary company needs like logistics, marketing, auditing, etc.

Department Heads
Department heads should primarily supervise and minimize
teaching load to concentrate on training their members

The company should standardize all related company
identification (logo) and communication (invoices, budgeting, etc.)

Employee Recognition
Employee loyalty and team building should be cultivated in the company
and each employee should be given reasonable responsibilities
that gives him that sense of importance
(e.g. a sense of being a part of something).

In turn, the efforts of each employee should be recognized.

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