Friday, April 17, 2009

Tasks done

On the third day, we were late.

We were late because of an unforeseen traffic jam at Balara. I just feel guilty I had to drag Jojit to this mess I have come across. Anyway, we ate breakfast at Mini Stop and perhaps due to lack of sleep, everything seemed unreal to me. I just feel floating and didn't care whether I was in Citibank or some far flung area in Mindanao. In fact, anybody could have taken my bag without me knowing it, only too exhausted to care about anything.

It was a miracle that my sleep-deprived brain was able to function properly today. I was surprised how well I have responded to all the task my supervisors handed to me. Let me enumerate all them:

1. Checking the citi cards' measurements and texts. I had to make sure that all cards follow the same format, which they call branding. The positions of words should follow the measurements lest it undergo revision. The lines still circle my head, "...By signing this issuance, blah blah blah." I did find some discrepancies and my supervisor asked me to go to another citi employee. The funny thing is, I immediately went out without asking where I should go.

Lesson learned: Ask before executing a command. It helps save time.

2. Project List. In broadcasting, we call this pre-prods where you put all the necessary things before a shooting. I was more than glad to receive this since I like the feeling of scheduling things. That's my forte. The difficult part about it was that the instruction was very unclear. She just gave me the copies of the event's tasks and asked me sort them out. I don't really mind organizing since I enjoy it, but to walk in the dark is simply confusing.

Lesson learned: Read the documents first before asking. It pays to know the details.

3. Proofreading. I was also instructed to proofread this sort of ad for newspapers at the fastest time. Rushing seems to be developed in us here since work keep coming without waiting for a current task to be done.

Lesson learned: Speed and quality. Cannot compromise the two but I just have to deal with the fact that this is part of the deal.

4. File names. I had to find some photos' filenames from a recent shoot but good thing the layout artist did it since my archaic computer won't open DVDs.

Lesson learned: Find the right people to help you. We only have two hands to do many tasks.

5. Keep files hidden. For security reasons, we are not allowed to leave our materials on our desk. We need to always keep them in a safe place. I learned this the hard way.

Lesson learned: Already stated.

Three days have passed and we really did it. We survived the corporate demands. But this Monday will be the true measure of our skills. The true challenges are yet to come and Monday is just two days away. I hope everything turns out right.

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