Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trunks and Grudge

Today I bought a very cheap swimming trunks with a 50% discount. I am now gearing up for the summer and I just can't wait to head to the beach and enjoy the sun. I swear I am going to have so much fun no matter what happens. 

These past few days have been too tough for me add to that the people who have given me so much stress making me sin during the holy week. And speaking of the holy week, I won't be coming home this year as I used to do because of several reasons but primarily because of the weather; I just can't take the heat, and also the impractical cost of bus fare and its inconvenience. Imagine I have to endure the 5 hour drive and pray that my kidneys bear the long trip lest it explodes and I die. Fares nowadays aren't cheap anymore and going home twice in a month I think is capricious. At a time when global recession plagues our country, we just need to think of measures how to save and only by doing so can we make our life more, I don't know, maybe profitable. Well we can say that since it is really difficult to find money. Good thing I don't have to eat fire for me to survive here in the metro. 

Life is seriously tough and this coming Tuesday, oh heavens, I would be meeting the very people I detest. Oh I pray that I may be forgiven for this grudge I've sown in my heart. But you can't really blame me if I hate some people.

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