Thursday, May 7, 2009

Branch visit

This is it.

Just the opposite of what I have expected.

Visiting the Citi branches today really gave me a headache.

Imagine, I felt like I was some kind of an outlaw under the suspicions of all the Citi employees I met in my visit. Damn them all from the driver to the installers to the guards. Oh dear, holding on to my dear life.

Starting at the Alabang, things were turning out wrong.

1. The installers didn't come on time so I ended up not doing anything. I felt so helpless as I couldn't do anything. I always believe that there is a way and no matter what, under tough conditions, there is always a way out. But this time, I couldn't find anything.

2. Makati is already closed when I got there. It's this time that I learned that the installers went to Binondo first. Plain miscommunication.

Lesson learned- coordinate all the actions when in the field. Prepare everything from the permit to the materials to the list of contact people.

3. Sitting in the car, from Alabang to Makati I realized I wasn't wearing seatbelt when I found myself already in Pasig. I was in deep thought. Pomdering how inefficient I was today as I didn't accomplish much.

Lesson learned- accept my limitation. So, I need to contend with this fact. I can only do so much so I need to be realistic. Leave impressing to the fool ones. I have my hands full as of the moment.

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