Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Citi never sleeps

That is their motto.
And I can attest that they really live up to their motto.
Employees at Citi never sleeps.
If you want to work in this company then sleep is a luxury you have to learn live without.

I am still in the process of creating the journal entry which would remind me of all the things that happened to me in this company.
But because citi never sleeps, ergo I don't, I don't have enough time to chronicle the corporate world at Citi.

We are now down to half of our required internship hours and nothing more can make me happy than to finally wake up in the morning without having to use that elevator that makes me dizzy ever.

But for a time I've learned to accept the hardships at Citi.
I have realized that part of our training is to master the art of handling stress.
The huge data I've faced at my communication research subjects have only been so difficult to manage but now I think I have become stronger.

Today isn't as busy as it was yesterday Monday.
Perhaps this is because of Paolo's and Mattel's absence.
Liel was also missing.
I couldn't be happier.
Mam Peewee was the only one there but she doesn't give much work.
So I was able to organize my files.

I don't know if I have already written this but I appreciate the work at Citi.
It's funny. Just a week ago I was cursing this company but now I am starting to have an affection with it. It's just that this company is starting to grow on me.

Mam Peewee asked me to take pictures of the ground floor this morning.
When I took those photos and saw the little contribution we have done to this company, I felt happy and proud. After all, this is Citibank, an international company. All around the Philippines I can see the fruit of our labor, the banners and posters hanging on each of the bank's branches.

Last Saturday, I was walking at Malate when I saw Citibank Savings in Ermita.
From there I saw the banner hanging on the window of the branch.
It made me jump for joy.
It gave me that fulfillment, knowing that all that I did in that company paid off after all.
There was a result and that was the only thing that mattered.

Sunday, I was in Tomas Morato (I guess I have been crusing the metro more often than I should have) when I saw the Tomas Morato Citibank Savings. The feeling was the same when I saw the banners on the wall. Sheer happiness.

On my table are piles of papers waiting to be signed by my bosses.
There are people waiting for those papers and my failure to finish them means they might go hungry so I am ever more conscious of my responsibility.

There are still other people I meet at the office.
Interesting characters who are fit for analysis, looking at how a corporate culture works.

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