Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ending Internship

After a long hiatus... but actually it wasn't a hiatus but a forced disappearance. Due to my unexpected schedule at Citibank, my life suddenly revolved around my company. It seems that 24 hours is not enough anymore and weekends made me feel like it was the best days in my life. 

Now that I am ending this internship, there are so many things that I really want to jot down. Thoughts that have accumulated inside me but due to lack of time just remained inside waiting to be released. I missed this sublimation. I missed writing the things that bother me that when I write them down suddenly dawns on me the solutions to these pet peeves. 

And since this is not my avenue for my CORPORATE rendezvous, I will refrain from disclosing anything about my company. I think what happens in the company should remain there. This week, I am just too glad that soon my life is going to be normal again. But you know, okay please I can't get away with my internship experience. It's just that you know how stressful it can be when you work in a big company. 

I dream big. I dream that I am in this company but I was really disillusioned (as what my friend told me when I was having coffee with her) about the harsh realities that with joy comes pain. You want to be somebody then you just have to work hard for it. No other way. Yeah that's reality. It bites. Now, my mind is still blown (in Filipino, "sabog").

Just can't focus and the only thing that keeps me going now is the thought that tomorrow is the last day of my internship. Well yeah, I will miss most of the things in that building. A lot really happened and I really want to write all them when I have enough time. In the meantime, back to reality. I want to watch "Kinatay" of Brillante Mendoza. Imagine, he won at the Cannes Film Festival. Hmmm, that really makes me want to see all his films. 

I am now Jessica Zafra in the making. Writing incoherent things. Ah, maybe if you open my mind now you'll find a jungle there. Then how are my neurons doing. I bet they've been bumping into each other more than the usual.

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