Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today, Mam Peewee was still out.
Had to work for the lamp post banners again.
Feels like there's no end toiling when I'm there.
Tomorrow I'm sure heaven and earth will collide.
I'm now preparing myself.

Gary just keeps on touching me.
I just so hate it.
I am so irritated when someone insensitive like him would bother me.
Ends up staying at the office longer.

The people who are supposed to sign some papers couldn't be found either.
It's either they are in a meeting ot simply out.

The office has a distinctive smell.
Like the scent of pizza in an airconditioned building.

Oh and I got my ID today.
Only, it wasn't what I was expecting.
A cheap temporary ID when they could have provided us something more.
I am getting disappointed by the day.
Not only my time gets wasted but I don't grow as well as a researcher.
Of course I am not including this in my journal.
But when I think about how layouting some posters, counting some orders and making some powerpoint presentations can be counted as research simply baffles me.
So unfortunate to end up like this.

I was in the tricycle and I was asking myself- "too much stress for this? not worth it"

Speaking of tricycle, I was on my way to my part time job when I uconsciously talked to the driver-

"Citibank po!"

Guess this is what happens when you get too involved with your work.
It's not deliberate but I don't have any choice.
Right now what is comforting me is the thought that after this internship, I can finally open mu BPI passbook account. Start saving for my future, buy a car and a house.

I'm planning to travel too.
Maybe in Europe, perhaps London.
I had a dream that I was in London.
Riding the train, and I left my luggage in the train.
I was watching this soccer game on the outskirt of London so I had to go back to London.
There I met two Filipinos who owns a restauerant.

Could it be a sign that I might open a restaurant in London?
How I wish.

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