Monday, June 29, 2009

TRANSFORMERS 2: Revenge of the Fallen


In its second run, the movie now centers around (as the title imply) the revenge of the Decepticons after its failure to rule the Earth in Transformers 1. The twist this time, ancient Decepticons, older than Megatron and his allies, are introduced as they try to recapture the key to this machine that can harness energy at the expense of Solar System’s sun.

Sam, the boy who had the key in the first key, remains to be a prominent character in the plot as he holds this time, ancient robotic calligraphy that can lead to the key, which will run the machine in harnessing the sun.

And so, the Decepticons revived Megatron from the depth of the ocean, as the US government accuse the Autobots as prime suspect of causing the Decepticons in causing abomination on Earth. After Megatron’s resurrection, the villains learned about Sam’s ability to see glyphic and so they went after him.

All this time, Sam was in his new college and as he met new friends, the conflict started to begin. Bumblebee came after Sam, the hot chick at the dorm was head over hills over him, Sam’s girlfriend remained faithful, Sam’s parents went to Paris.

Some highlights of the movie

Bumblebee crying

It’s really funny when you think that even robots have feelings. At the scene where Sam had to say goodbye to Bumblebee(which Sam fondly calls “B”), still mute, with all his effort played “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…” only to find out that Sam wasn’t planning to take him to his college. Sam asked B to look at him. As if B was a human comrade, Sam turned B’s head to his and said- “…you deserve better than this (being stuck in his dad’s garage). B started to cry (I guess this was what they call tears of diesel!?)

Optimus Prime: Image of sacrifice

The leader of the Autobots, took single handedly the entire group of the Decepticons. At this scene where Megatron was about to open Sam’s head to take his brain out, Optimus Prime came to the rescue and fought the whole gang by himself. He tried to protect Sam to the very end, and just as Optimus Prime was winning, Megatron came from behind and stabbed Optimus in his heart, causing him to die, and before he died, he said to Sam “Run.”

Bumblebee to the rescue

The ever loyal guardian was always present when Sam was in trouble. Just like in the first movie, B had an awesome fight scene. At the scene where Sam and his girlfriend was about to be captured by a Decepticon that has metal leash for armor, B jumped from the back to fight this bigger enemy. As he was about to defeat the bad robot, a jaguar like Decepticon jumped at B’s back and (I was really afraid for B’s sake) started messing B, but B were able to get hold of the pesky jaguar and ripped off its spinal cord, while he kicks the ass of the bigger robot to its end. This was one of the best fight scene.

Sam to dad- “You need to let go”

“You’re my son and we’re not leaving without you” were the words of Sam’s dad while clutching Sam tightly in the middle of a shooting spree. But Sam made it clear to his dad that it is his role, and his fight and that he’ll meet them once they get to safety.

I am just so touched by this part.

Review of the film

The movie was as impressive as its first installation. Even if you didn’t see the first movie, you will easily understand the narrative as it presented flashbacks that explained why things were happening in the movie.

However, it was still a Hollywood movie so it is still predictable considering that the general theme of the movie was about the battle between good and evil, and good always prevail in the end. Plus, no Autobot was killed in the movie unlike the Decepticons which were massacred, lots of them, and although I am not a fan of Megatron (especially that I don’t like his razor sharp teeth image), I think it is so unfair that no good robot died. Yeah Optimus died but he was revived. Too ideal if you think about it.

Megan Fox was always a good sight in the movie, which really reminded me of Angelina Jolie and her Tomb Raider stunts. With Megan at Sam’s side, I felt like I wasn’t watching Transformers but some Gone with the Wind fantasy romance. I just envy Sam who was only a freshman college in the movie who has this really hot girlfriend all men in the movie house I think were drooling over her with the “ooohhh” factor whenever she comes out.

By the way, the director of the film was Michael Bay. The same guy who gave us Batman Forever. Producer was Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, so no wonder it was a big WOW movie.

Next in line, HARRY POTTER 6. Hmmm, will it redeem itself from previous disappointing HP movies. That’s what I got to see.

Overall, I cried twice in the movie-

First, when Sam apologized to B for Optimus’ death

Second, when Sam told his dad to let him go.

Rating: 4/5

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pikon - Cranky

I just realized that I really get too cranky when I don't get enough sleep. Lesson 1: Insufficient sleep results to decrease in tolerance Just in case I come back here again, get to read this page again, it is worth the time to remember how I easily flare up once I feel that people around me are not performing very well or are just plain too useless that my life gets really messed up because of their out of this world failing. Lesson 2: Saving, makes you go bankrupt Just opened my passbook today. Sheesh, finally after months and months of planning here it is now. I was just only disappointed about the passbook. It was such a pity to see such a passbook without a jacket.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What to write?

Peanuts. Two cups of coffee (and counting). Two donuts. One cup of noodles. One bread with egg. I feel vomiting now. The weather outside is truly depressing. Got wet when I rode the FX this afternoon. Thought of buying coffee and donuts because I like eating donuts on a rainy day. But I think the vitamins made me really groggy. I feel so sleepy and lethargic. My mind just can't focus. Or this could be the effect of last night's invasion. Kali people namely Dea, Dolly, Myra, Ay, and Tiger were in the house to sleep. There is a lambanog at home. I want to drink it. Get drunk and sleep. That's what I need to do now. Get a good night sleep. I need to focus seriously. I have so many things in mind. If I don't organize my self, then I'll be all fucked up. Sorry for the term. My eyes earlier this afternoon were so itchy. It's as if I'm going to have some sore eyes. Good thing it didn't happen. Back in the canteen with Ryan I heard some issues. First, Ay broke up with Isko. Second, likes Mico. Third, Mico and Levi together. Fourth, Benjie likes Levi. Fifth, Tiger courting Dolly. Love issues. So why shoud I care? I am so apathetic these days. Even the bulbs in our house has the same flickering feeling. Literally. Took a shower with lights out. Kinda afraid it might explode anytime. Had coffee after lunch. Still with Ryan. Talked about occasional dreams. What we'll do in the near future. He wanted to have a piggery. I wanted to be out of the country soon. This semester is really trying. Only four more subjects to go. I can do this of course. No doubt about it. I just need to focus. Focus. I feel so lost in my thoughts today.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

JOURNAL | Can't start what have to be done

Reflection: After Citi 

Just last night, as I munch on my Nova in my bed, reading my latest edition of Korea Magazine, it suddenly hit me that I have so much time this week and that is something that I have to be thankful for. 

It's not everyday that I can just lie on my bed not caring about anything. But right after when I woke up in the morning, I kinda felt that emptiness. As if something has been detached from me and then there it was- I was actually missing Citibank. I asked myself why I had to quit working in this bank when I don't have much to do this week since regular classes are to start on the 9th. 

But then again, when I think about the pressure. When I think about Mattel, I quickly changed my mind. To me, the work there was excellent. The facilities, the quality of the people, the environment but the stress level is just too much to bear. I earn a meager 350 PhP a day but I can earn this money in Standbyenglish- less the pressure. Undeniably, I learned a few things in the bank. As I have observed before, emphasis on people is very important. After all, the people are the backbone of the company and if you don't take care of the people then there is that high risk of jeopardizing the quality of the company. Thus I am applying now this lesson in SBE. I am trying my best to make my team members feel that they are valued here in this company. 

As Teacher Helen once put it, this company provides for our needs so we must take care of it as much as the company should take care of us. 

Weekend escape 

Right after my internship, I really made sure to return home and re-energize. I am starting to get short of money. I don't know if this is just the effect of global recession or my internship has seriously affected my finances. But as I have updated my account standing, I am to receive quite an amount within this month but I just have to be really prudent in my expenses. So back home, I spent it with my mother and her fellow teachers in Zaballero. We went to Lucban's Kamay ni Hesus, where I climbed carrying my mom's new digicam. Reaching the top really got me exhausted but the way down proved to be more challenging. But I just want to comment on the people inside the church. They are simply annoying shooing those who wanted to enter as if the place is something holy. 

I acknowledge the fact that it is a church but what right have they to just shove us away. That really pissed me I decided not to attend the mass. Folk catholicism. 

After the escapade in Lucban, off we went to Palaisdaan. Had a hearty seafood lunch in the place where we used to go to on special occasions. The place is very different now. 

I had good memories of Palaisdaan. When I was younger, me mom and dad usually go there during their anniversaries. Of course I didn't know it was their anniversary and the only thing that mattered to me those days were the sumptous food. But they've renovated the place and I cannot feel the old feelings anymore. People change so as places. 

Leaving home 

As I leave home, my heart was just so heavy I cannot look at my father's face. Me dad brought me to the terminal and as I aboard the bus, he hugged and I was a kid again with that separation anxiety. I've always had this anxiety it made me really afraid to be attached to anybody else. Maybe that's why I am such a cynic when it comes to relationship. 

Would have, might have 

Sleeping in the bus, I felt so lonely. I just wished someone would sit beside me and start talking to me. I was never the type who would initiate a small talk to a stranger but once I was engaged I gladly jump in. So there I was half hoping there would be someone. Then this cute guy, who I am sure is younger than I am suddenly came. I kept glancing at the window and as I am beside the window, I know he steals glances at me too. So I wanted to talk to him. Just chat perhaps without any topic in mind. But we just kept that way. He glancing at the window and me, and I expecting and waiting. But nothing happened. When we reached Turbina, he got off. He never looked back and I just let him vanish in the sea of people.

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