Thursday, June 4, 2009

What to write?

Peanuts. Two cups of coffee (and counting). Two donuts. One cup of noodles. One bread with egg. I feel vomiting now. The weather outside is truly depressing. Got wet when I rode the FX this afternoon. Thought of buying coffee and donuts because I like eating donuts on a rainy day. But I think the vitamins made me really groggy. I feel so sleepy and lethargic. My mind just can't focus. Or this could be the effect of last night's invasion. Kali people namely Dea, Dolly, Myra, Ay, and Tiger were in the house to sleep. There is a lambanog at home. I want to drink it. Get drunk and sleep. That's what I need to do now. Get a good night sleep. I need to focus seriously. I have so many things in mind. If I don't organize my self, then I'll be all fucked up. Sorry for the term. My eyes earlier this afternoon were so itchy. It's as if I'm going to have some sore eyes. Good thing it didn't happen. Back in the canteen with Ryan I heard some issues. First, Ay broke up with Isko. Second, likes Mico. Third, Mico and Levi together. Fourth, Benjie likes Levi. Fifth, Tiger courting Dolly. Love issues. So why shoud I care? I am so apathetic these days. Even the bulbs in our house has the same flickering feeling. Literally. Took a shower with lights out. Kinda afraid it might explode anytime. Had coffee after lunch. Still with Ryan. Talked about occasional dreams. What we'll do in the near future. He wanted to have a piggery. I wanted to be out of the country soon. This semester is really trying. Only four more subjects to go. I can do this of course. No doubt about it. I just need to focus. Focus. I feel so lost in my thoughts today.

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