Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Winner I Will Always Be

It has been a long time, I felt like I have slept long enough now. All the potentials and the talents have been concealed inside- Afraid to show them, that they mau not sustain. But just like a volcano, heated by the Earth's core It is now time to erupt, To show the real me. Show no mercy. Show no remorse. Whatever it takes to get to the finish line, let it happen because I wasn't born to fail. Lately things are not going my way. I try to be gentle towards others but they have been pushing me. I try to let others boss me around, feeling that it is better that way for I am considering their feelings- But in the process, I have been left behind. It was very tough to see the show from behind. I was born an achiever and an achiever I will be. This is my ode. This is my destiny. If people get bewildered by my attitude then I just have to let them be. As Gloria puts, She became the president not to be popular, but to serve and protect the people. I was given much talent, looks and brain not to keep it to myself but for all the world to know who I really am. I am so sick tired of being underrated. Of being underestimated because I have been lazy. This is not me. What I have reached in the past years couldn't be toppled down but mere laziness. That is my weakness, but still a part of who I am. No matter what, I won't let myself get defeated by simply saying I give up. There is no giving up. That is not part of my vocabulary. Fight to the end, fight unril death. I will make sure that I never lose. After all, I was born a winner, and a winner I will always be.

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