Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Filthy rich

First day of September. Where was I last year on this day? As I think about think, well I think I was so busy trying to manage my academic life trying to balance the little human left in me. I've become more of a zombie living in the twilight zone where the only thing that makes me breathe is the hope that the future will be a lot different than this. Is it my job? Funny, I never considered what I do as a job given the meager income I get out of this. But after asking some people whose answer whether they are happy with their salary rangers from -'I enjoy my work' or 'it pays the bills' I realized that I should be happier. Ironically, I am not as I know that I am more than this. Is it the academics? Well, it's always the academics. I feel like I am always burdened by this academics crap that when I graduate, the first thing I'll do is to burn all my university notes and try to forget all the suffering I've experienced from what, 7 years in college. Never have I imagined that I'll be this long in college. But nonetheless, the future is within my reach, I'll be rich... filthy rich.

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