Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Murphy's Law

Damn it.... And so I have been brushing elbows with Murphy. Murphy who? Murphy's Law. Yes, the one that say anything wrong can go wrong at the most unexpected time. Oh dear.... this morning I was really flustered, or rather horrified that all the unluckiness have fallen down on me. First, I wasn't able to finish the paper on time when I thought, just before I went to bed it was just easy knowing I just have to rearrange the titles and put them in their proper places. But no. I'm late again. Second, I went rushing to the internet shop only to find that it was closed. How fair is that? Third, I go to this ugly shop and when I turn on the computer, it was so slow; the keyboard isn't working; and it's all ready 13 past 5am. Fourth, the thesis partner sent me a message but I couldn't reply simply because I don't have cellphone credit. I wonder what's gonna happen next... I know, I'm looking at a stressful day.

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