Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday once again

Feeling so tired on a Friday night, just like the other days. Nothing else in mind except to go home. Feel the comfort of my laptop. Or maybe just go out, drink, get drunk. I don't know. I just feel so confused. This week has been so heavy on me. It felt like a whole month laid on my back. There are still so many things on my mind- things which should be settled soon.

There's really no other way. My hands are sweating as if I have been plowing fields. But maybe I am plowing, just a different field. I smile now as I think of leaving the country. That's the only way I can get things settled for me. I just want to leave and forget who I am. I am talking to my friend, who broke up with her girlfriend. I keep reminding her that it's better to leave her ex- be. But she tells me that they're just friends. Something I should take with a spoon of salt.  

Part-time job woes 

Responsibilities are part of a job, The only thing that makes this responsibility difficult is that it comes as a forced effort. I simply can'ttake this anymore. But I ain't giving up. There's no quitting. There's always hope. I try to escape but no matter what I do, I keep ending on the same dead end; I keep feeling this damn feeling. I wish things were easier for me. I wish things were not like this. I just like the good old days- the carefree days when I don't have to think much. I have freedom but I am still bounded. I have freedom but I am still confused. I just don't know what to do now.

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