Saturday, November 28, 2009

Korean POP Singing Contest

Korea and everything about it has become so ingrained in me already. I have been studying its language and culture for quite some time now. Why? Well, I think I fall in love with this country when I visited it in 2007-2008. Now, I am joining again this Korean SINGING contest this year in my university hoping I'll bag the FIRST place already, coz last year I just ended up as second. I am confident this year that I'll bring home the GRAND PRIZE.


I passed the pre-screening so my name's written as the second performer. I'm so excited about this.

This year, I have chosen to sing the song 가지마 가지마 ('Gajima Gajima' literally Don't Go, Don't Go) sung by  Brown Eyes. Last year I sang 보고싶어날엔 ('Bogoshipobaren' literally I Miss You) sung by Park Ji-Hon.

The song is a sad song about leaving someone you love. Below is the lyrics and the translation:

우리 함께했던 날들
그 기억들만 남아
I am left only with the memories of those days when we used to be together

너를 지워야만
내가 살 수 있을까
Is forgetting you the only way for me to live?

우리 함께했던 날들
자꾸만 너 떠올라
Memories of those days when we used to be together returns again and again

너를 보내야만
내가 살 수 있을까
Is letting you go is the only way for me to live?

(가지마) 떠나지마 제발
(Don't go) Please don't leave

(가지마) 사랑하잖아
(Don't go) I love you

(가지마) 나 혼자 남겨두고
(Don't go) You will leave me alone

제발 제발 제발
Please Please Please

가지마 가지마 가지마
Don't go Don't go Don't go

아직 너를 위해
바보처럼 살아가는데
Like a fool I still love you

너는 어디에
Where are you

니가 필요한데
I need you

oh baby 내 사람아
Oh baby, My all

이제 그만내게 돌아와줘
장난처럼 그렇게 돌아와
Please stop now and come back
Come back as if it was a joke

항상 너만을 위해서
살아가고 싶지만
Always I wanted to live for you

때론 그 사랑마저도
힘이 들잖아
(가지마) 떠나지마 제발
(Don't go) Please don't leave

(가지마) 사랑하잖아
(Don't go) I love you

(가지마) 나 혼자 남겨두고
(Don't go) You will leave me alone

제발 제발 제발
Please Please Please

가지마 가지마 가지마
Don't go Don't go Don't go

아직 너를 위해
바보처럼 살아가는데
Like a fool I still love you

너는 어디에
Where are you

니가 필요한데
I need you

oh baby 내 사람아
Oh baby, my all

이제 그만 내게 돌아와줘
장난처럼 그렇게 돌아와
Please stop now and come back
Come back as if it was a joke

아프고 아플만큼
Hurt and as much as the pain

지치고 지칠만큼
Tired and as much as exhausted

지워봐도 참아봐도
I tried to erase you and forget

니가 떠올라
But you are in my mind

너도 나처럼 아프잖아
You are hurt as I am

너도 나처럼 힘들잖아
You are tired as I am

돌아와 내게로
Please come back to me

잊지 못할 내 사람아
My unforgettable one

아직 너를 위해
바보처럼 살아가는데
Like a fool I still love you

너는 어디에
Where are you

니가 필요한데
I need you

oh baby 내 사람아
Oh baby, my all

이제 그만 내게 돌아와줘
장난처럼 그렇게
Please stop now and come back
Come back as if it was a joke

oh baby 내 사람아
Oh baby, my all

이제 그만 내게 돌아와줘
그렇게 돌아와
Please stop now and come back
Like before, come back to me... 

Just me doing my thing. Funny that I was not so prepared this time. I won third place though.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

EVENT | 2009 World Pyrolympics


Contender 1: Germany

Germany’s approach to its fireworks display was quite disappointing for two reasons. First is the passé musical scoring, the kind you hear at the entrance of Star Wars and Superman. Well it was at first exciting with the beat and all, but the fireworks just didn’t match with the sound. Second, the fireworks had no order. It was like sent up the air randomly with no reason except to make it look like they are having a pyrolympics. There was just nothing you can get out of Germany’s exhibition. Actually, their performance looks a lot the common New Year celebrations of the Filipinos on New Year’s eve.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Conclusion

Just as Koreans find it difficult to pronounce some English sounds of the English language, sounds of the Korean letters can be very difficult also for foreigners like me. For example, Koreans have words that have the same sound to foreigners but actually have different meanings. For example, the words 방 and 빵. They actually have the same sound but to Koreans they have distinct sounds which are just not easily detected by foreigners. When I say, ‘나 는 방을 먹어싶어요’ does not make a difference when I say ‘나는 빵을 먹어싶어 요’ This makes it more difficult to pronounce since we can't distinguish the difference.


한 국인들이 영어 발음의 어려움을 느끼듯이, 외국인들 또한 한국어 발음의 어려움을 느낍니다. 방과 빵을 예를들면, 외국인들에 게 이 두 소리는 같게 느껴집니다. 하지만 의미차이는 확연히 다릅니다. 한번은 제가 ‘방을 먹고 싶다’고 한국인친구에게 말했 을 때, 그 친구가 크게 웃었던 기억이 납니다. 영어에는 없는 소리를 배운다는 게 얼마나 어려운 일인지 절실히 깨달았습니다.

Another problem is the spelling. Korean language has a thing called pachim that moves to the next word if that next word starts with a vowel. Pretty complicated especially to foreigners who aren't used to this kind of system and writing. For example, the word ‘살’ and ‘살 다’. I just can’t distinguish which meaning it is especially when used in a sentence. Plus, Korean language has many endings attached to a word depending on what one wants to say. This approximates conjunctions and particles like ‘은, 에, 에 서, 님, 는대’ and many more.

또 하나의 문제는 철자입니다. 한국어는 받침이 있습니다. 이것 또한 저에게 아 주 어려운 부분이었습니다. 영어에는 모든 글자들이 단순히 나열되어 이어져있기 때문입니다. 게다가 한국어의 ‘조사’라는 개념은 정 말 어려웠습니다. 나는, 저는, 저의, 제가, 내가, 무엇은, 무엇에, 무엇에서, 등… 너무나 많습니다.

In the end...

결론적으로 저는 외국어를 배운다는 것이 단순히 단어나 표현들을 외우는 것이 아니라는 것을 느꼈습니다. 제 생각에는 오히려 언어 를 배운다는 것은 문장을 외는 것을 넘어, 그 나라의 문화를 이해해야할 필요가 있다는 것을 알았습니다. 영어에서의 ‘I’가 한국어 에서는 ‘나’, 나의, 저는, 저의, 내가, 등으로 여러 개로 쓰일 수 있습니다. 가장 큰 이유중의 하나는 한국에는 상대방에 대 해 자신의 위치를 낮추고 높이는, 예절문화가 있기 때문이라고 생각합니다. 이것들을 단순히 영어의 ‘I’와 같은 뜻이라고 생각하 는 것은 언어를 배우는 데 있어서 큰 한계가 될 것입니다. 하지만 새로운 언어를 배우는 것이 비록 어렵다 할 지라도, 나와 다 른 세상사람들과, 서로의 감정과 마음을 언어로 공유한다는 점에 있어서는, 언어를 배우는 것은 정말 재미있는 일인 것 같습니다. 여 기서 제 발표를 마치겠습니다. 감사합니다.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hallym Academic Exchange Program

Application Phase

Where did you first hear about the UP – Hallym Academic Exchange Program?

I think it was in a symposium at CMC that I first heard about UP-Hallym Exchange Program. That time, Dean Pernia announced the second batch of CMC students leaving for the program. I wasn’t aware that time that this program exists so I was thinking, wow, the students must be really excellent to be chosen for this. That time, it was Marjorie Darunday and Malor who were leaving. I don’t personally know them so apart from admiring the students who were chosen for the program, there was really nothing that came into my mind.

What are your reasons/motivations for applying in the UP – Hallym Academic Exchange Program?

Actually I did not intend to apply for the program. It was a kind of an accident. There was post at CMC dept looking for an interested student who would accompany MA. ISABEL D. PROLLAMANTE to go to Korea as an exchange student because the original student backed out. I was really interested but I have other priorities so applying was just a wishful thinking. Then Prof. Umali suddenly passed and told me to try applying. I was like, ok, why not give it a try, for sure I won’t be chosen for this. So I sent Prof. Paragas my intention letter for the program. And then a week after, I was so surprised that Ate Vi came looking for me and told me that I was chosen for the program. I said, OH MY GOD, this can’t be. My initial reaction was a combination of fear and elation. I was afraid because what about my original plans of finishing my major and finding a job. On the other hand, thoughts of living in another Korea was like a drug that made me fly on cloud nine, so to speak. It was plain excitement I guess. So I called my mother and told her of the good news. But my mother didn’t let me go. But stubborn as I am, I told her that I would go even if they don’t support me. So in the end, it was my way.

Please describe the application process


Letter of intent to be submitted to concerned office.
Length of Application Period

In my case, one week. It was an urgent situation so I had a different process.

Problems Encountered

Financial problem comes at the top, plus processing papers like VISA and plane ticket which was my first time to encounter.

Assistance Provided by UP CMC and Hallym University

CMC helped me with the basic info like where to file this and that, while Hallym sent the necessary documents to process my Visa.

Exchange Program Proper (Stay in Hallym University / Korea)

Please describe your first few days/weeks in Hallym/Korea as an Academic Exchange student

Living Arrangements

The initial stay at Hallym was so exciting. Let me start from the airport.

When Isabel and I got to the airport, our challenging journey began as the custom people cannot speak English and would talk to us in Korean. It was 5:00 am and they were a bit hard on us demanding for we guessed as our passports. Isabel were ordered to pass by the other line because they mistook her to be Korean. So funny that time.

Inside the airport, the feeling was so unexplainable. It was my first time abroad and alone, without my parents nor friends. It was plain Isabel and I. I was afraid what could happened if things get wrong but I was determined to make things right. The boy scout in me made me prepare all things needed just in case a problem happens. I have all the contact numbers to call. So, having a few Korean coins given by Prof. Umali, we called our buddy who would pick us up at the airport. Time check, 5:45.

The buddy arrived at around 7am and treated us to a coffee shop for breakfast. Her name’s Hu Eun Ji. After that, we took the bus going to Chuncheon and along the way, I still couldn’t believe that I am here in Korea. It was so great.

At Hallym, we stayed in a dormitory. It was called International Dormitory because aside from us Filipinos, there were also Japanese, Chinese, Mongolians, Russians and of course Koreans. The male and female residents are separated in the dormitory. During the second semester there, I stayed at the 4th floor with two Korean men. Their names are Song Won and Dillon.

When I got into my room, my roommates weren’t there so I was really anxious not knowing what to expect. Then after unpacking some of my stuff, Isabel came to my room and asked for some shampoo because she still doesn't have. So after taking a shower, Isabe and I together with Hu Eun Ji went out to eat lunch. We ate lunch at the cafeteria and the food was called Topap, a kind breaded pork cutlet with sauce.

After eating lunch, we went to our department to process our schedules for the semester. Then we met our real buddies in Hallym. My buddy’s name is Park Bo Reom. She was a tall and pretty girl. Then at night, we ate dinner, the food was called Dakkalbi, chicken with vegetable which was so spicy. I had to contend with the fact that I don’t know how to use chopsticks so I asked for some fork.

And then the following day, we did some shopping at the local department store. Bought some toiletries and some food. At night, we drank at a local bar, I must tell you that this time, I wasn’t a heavy drinker yet and I despise drinking so I refused but they were so insistent that I just gave in. Nothing wrong with drinking anyway.

Then we had a meeting with the dormitory personnel and they briefed us of what and not to do in the dormitory. We were also introduced to some people.

The first few days in Hallym was really a challenge as I and Isabel had to find our ways, the rooms, the professors, the stores, the canteen, etc. But later on, we managed to find them all.

Making friends was not difficult too because Koreans like foreigners very much that they would treat us to some lunch or dinner, and even bring us to some good places. They really make effort to make us enjoy our stay at Hallym. And the best thing at Hallym was that everything is so fast, the computers, the people, the taxi, traffic, everything. People are very disciplined so there was nothing that I can whine about. It’s like a paradise to me. Athough one glitch that we Filipinos notice was that, Korean men spit anywhere. Aside from that everything’s okay.

I regularly drink with my Korean friends as if it became a way of living. I learned that drinking culture in Korea is somewhat necessary because it makes people closer to each other and I admire that. This is the reason why I became a heavy drinker, weekly drunk, I would curse myself for bringing headache on mornings. But it was really great, to drink with Koreans because they don’t let me pay. They are usually the ones who pay for everything and when Koreans drink, the food is like a buffet. They never stop coming so it was heaven on our part.

Enrollment process

When we arrived at Hallym, our enrollment was already done for us. We only needed to get our schedules. The administration was the one that decided our classes so we didn’t have any problem. For the next semester, it was we who did it. I had to ask some of my Korean friends to help me choose my subjects because everything was written in Korean in the online enrolment. But aside from my friends, the Communication department was also very helpful.

Financial Assistance

The dormitory where I was staying pays me 200,000 Won every month. They send it to my bank account. But this salary I received was only good for 8 months, so there was one month that I didn’t have money. I had to work some other jobs like work for some professors who organized an international conference and hired me as one of the coordinators for the participants. There were also Koreans who approached me to teach them English, plus there were English camps that also paid me. So money was not a problem in Korea.

How would you describe the Hallym University campus environment?

Classes enrolled in

Most of my classes, aside from Korean and Chinese, were done in English and considering that my classmates are mostly Koreans, they were too easy and do not require too much effort.


The foreign professors, Canadians, Australians, and Americans, were very professional and learned at their fields. They always give us foreigners who can speak English well special treatment because we can participate well in our classes.

Friends / People met

The friends and people I meet at Hallym were all very approachable. They really try their best to help me if there is something that I need and even if they find it difficult to speak in English, they really try. And all the people I met there were nice. I love them.

Leisure time

During free time I do so many things like play table tennis and badminton, watch DVD, surf the net, sleep in the library when I am so tired, drink coffee with my friends, or just walk around the campus. If I am hungry, I go the cafeteria and eat some good Chinese food.

Overall Evaluation

Please give a general evaluation of your stay in Hallym University

I think words are not enough to say how much I have enjoyed my stay in Hallym. The University is perfect in every way. They have all the facilities needed by the students and the campus is student friendly, safe and peaceful, clean and beautiful with all the trees and statues that are present all around the campus. Plus, internet is free and there are DVDs in the library which you can borrow. The DVDs are all the latest ones so you can just imagine how fantastic it was so see all the movies I could not see here in the Philippines.

And the journals in the library is like a treasure box for me. They have almost all journals imaginable. Perfect I tell you.

What were your most fun / positive experiences in Hallym University?

I had so many fun experiences at Hallym University. Perhaps the best ones include the day that Isabel and I won in the singing competition of the International Dormitory, the Membership training of communication students where everyone drank from evening to dawn, the International conference where people drank so much and I got so drank too that I started fooling around with the speakers (you can ask Isabel how drunk I was) that the following day, Isabel told me that I was criss crossing the way to the university elbow to elbow with the Taiwanese speaker and I kept talking to the Singaporean speaker saying how much I admire her talk during the conference; there was also the time that I represented Hallym University at an affair for foreigners where I sang in front of hundreds of people both Koreans and foreigners mostly Filipina wives; And of course, my drinking activities with my Korean friends were so memorable.
What were your most frustrating / negative experiences in Hallym University?

Most frustrating experience would be that time when I was at the library, watching Will and Grace. I was laughing a bit loudly that one guy from my back suddenly hit me at the head. I was so shocked but I realized my mistake so I just let it pass. Then another frustrating experience was when I went mountain climbing. I was at the top, doing some stretching when an old lady approached me and asked me whether I was a factory worker in some place near Hallym. I was so insulted that time that I just smiled at her and politely said no.

What are the problems you encountered during your stay in Hallym University?

The number one problem I think is the language barrier. Although many students can speak English in Hallym still not many would dare talk to us because we can’t speak Korean. And then the food, all the time I was in Hallym, I kept wishing I could eat Filipino food, the oily Filipino food. That’s why when I went to Seoul, I bought some Balot at a Filipino market. Unfortunately, it made my Korean companions distance from me as I smell awful after eating balot. The weather also became a problem as there was a time when I got sick for one month, then I lost my voice because it was too cold. Guess I wasn’t so tough on winter season.

Please give a brief comparison of Hallym University and University of the Philippines in terms of:

Level of Instruction (subjects, professors, etc.)

The level of instruction when it comes to English is very easy in Hallym. The English  professors try to make their statements as simple as they can. In UP, the level of instruction is very challenging as professors use jargons most of the time.

However, in Korean classes, the Korean teachers are more strict when handling their classes. But they are also considerate to the needs of the students. They consider the welfare of their students as they ask when is the best time for the students to have exams, or when can they pass some homework.

In UP, teachers dictate what students should do. In Hallym, the teachers ask their students.

The people (students, etc.)

The students are very responsible in Hallym. If a professor asks them to do something, they will really do it and if they don’t have time, they will talk to the professor and ask for some extension or simply tell the professor that they can’t do it because it is very difficult. At the end of the day, Hallym students submit requirements on time.

At UP, students are usually procrastinators and do not have sense of time. It’s normal for UP students to be late but in Hallym, it is very unacceptable and they get angry if someone does not come on time.

Personnel in Hallym are also very approachable and helpful. If you ask them something, they would really make  an effort to help you or if they can’t, they will find another one who can just to make sure that you get what you need.

In UP, personnel are usually not student friendly. If you approach someone in a window, they will make you wait for a long time, sometimes because there is someone they are talking to or calling on the phone. Then when they talk to you, it’s as if you’ve given them so much burden by coming to their office.


Hallym University is a very clean and safe place. You can go around and you won’t see any trash lying around anywhere. And because it is safe, you never have to worry about walking at night. And the drivers in Hallym are very polite too, they would let people pass first before they go ahead.

In UP, sometimes trash can be seen everywhere. People are not disciplined enough to put their garbage in proper places. And it is so unsafe to walk at night in UP as you can encounter robbers or rapists. 


Hallym University is not so big compared to UP but I really like the place. Everywhere there are parking lots, the buildings are clean, the toilets are clean and they have tissues in every toilet. The facilities are state of the art, and they have all the equipment you might need.

As a participant in the Hallym University – University of the Philippines Academic Exchange Program, what are your suggestions or recommendations for further improvement of the exchange program?

I would suggest that participants of the program learn how to speak Korean first before they are sent to Hallym University. Although it is not so difficult to live there not knowing how to speak their language, it is an edge to know how to communicate using their own tongue. My Mongolian friends who can speak Korean had more friends in Hallym because they can interact with Koreans who cannot speak English.

For UP’s part, it must also come up with a similar BUDDY PROGRAM for Korean Exchange students in the university. I know how difficult it is to become a foreign student so I feel for these Koreans who sometimes feel perplexed with their classes and Filipino classmates. Sometimes they feel that the Filipinos are rude because they always talk in Filipino when they are together and take the Koreans fro granted. By having some buddies, they will be sure to have someone to help them with their needs.

UP students who would apply as buddies should be remunerated in turn for their work. The university can give them more opportunity to be selected in exchange programs not just in Hallym but other countries as well. By doing so, many students would be enticed to participate in the Buddy program.

Kamera Kafe: A Textual Analysis on the Portrayal of Filipinos in Camera Café

Sample clip from Camera Cafe

Authors: Abdula, Allan Yasser Z.; Onate, Jojit Aero


This study aims to explore how Filipinos are portrayed in the comedy program Camera Café. Guided by the Social Construction of Reality, this study is purely qualitative. The researchers employed textual analysis to study the messages in the said program, and to acquire information on the representations and values presented in the program. Results show that Camera Café. The researchers have found remarkable situations in the episodes that reflect society. Furthermore, the representations of the characters suggest Filipino character and identity. Camera Café portrayed values, expressed a sense of national pride and culture and raised societal issues.

Background of the Study

Filipinos have been so used to comedy programs making fun of other people, using dirty and slapstick jokes, and sometimes politically overtoned. We cannot deny that we get entertained from all of these craziness, but at the end of the day remains one question and that is weather our viewing activity has given us much to think about. Or have we been so passive that we do not seek learning from programs that we watch but just sit in front of the boob tube and get some sheer entertainment?

It is truly high time that programs evolve into a more socially relevant entertainment avenues. After all, media still have the responsibility of educating and informing, and not just entertaining. This paper attempts to delve into one of the season's hip and contemporary comedy program, Camera Café. How has this program actually mirrored the social condition of the Philippines?

Set in an office, everything is seen through a coffee vendo machine and everyone with unique personalities crowd and talk about anything. However, their discussions at surface level are simple but when you look at them closely, there are touches of cultural factors present. In many episodes of the comedy show, different kinds of Filipino values are presented and as an audience you woud not help saying “Yes, that's how Filipinos do it.” What is more interesting is that we get to scrutinize our culture in a more distant way where there is room for objectivity. It is from here that we see how different values has either helped or hampered the development of our country. This paper will attempt to surface these portrayals of Filipino values and how these portrayals have contributed to the image of the Filipinos.

JOURNAL | 한국인들이 흔히 실수하는 영어표현들

안녕하세요 여러분. 제 이름은 알렌입니다. 한국 나이로 올해 24살이고요, 저는 현재 필리핀의 U.P 라는 대학에서 Communication을 전공하고 있습니다. 더불어 저는 현재 아르바이트로 한국인들에게 영어를 가르치는 일을 하고 있습니다. 그런데 제가 3년간 많은 한국인들을 가르치면서 한국인들의 영어에 대한 몇 가지 흥미로운 점들을 발견할 수 있었습니다.

그래서 저는 오늘 한국인들이 영어로 말할 때 흔히 실수하는 것들에 대해 이야기 해보려 합니다.

첫째로는, 한국말로 ‘약속’이라는 단어입니다. 한국인들이 말하는 ‘약속’은 두 가지 의미를 가집니다. 첫번째 의미는 만일 우리가 누군가를 만나야 할 때, 우리는 흔히 “나 오늘 약속이 있어”라고 말합니다. 이렇게 약속이라는 단어를 사용할 수 있습니다. 약속의 또 다른 의미는 상대방과 새끼 손가락을 걸고하는, 영어로 ‘promise’의 의미를 말합니다. 그러나 영어에서의 약속은 오직 한가지로만 쓰입니다.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Common English Mistakes Made By Koreans #1

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Hello everyone, today I want to talk about common mistakes that Koreans make when they speak English. First, I want to talk about the word yak-sok. In Korean, yak-sok can be used in many situations. For example, if you are meeting someone you can say “I’m going to an appointment” You can use it like that and you can also use the promise yak-sok. But in English, both have different meanings. First, the yak-sok you go to is appointment in English. So, if you want to say ‘I have an appointment that I have to go to’ in English, you have to say: Oh, I have an appointment I have to go to. Occasionally Koreans say ‘I have a promise.’ But, that promise is a mistake. If you want to say promise, and say something like: ‘I promise to try really hard to speak Korean.’ You need to say: ‘I promise to try to speak Korean.’ That yak-sok is promise.

Also secondly, when Koreans speak English the hardest pronunciation is r and l. It’s because Korean has the re-ul pronunciation. But re-ul is kind of between r and l. l is the re-ul from chin-ri (the truth chin-ri). The r pronunciation doesn’t exist. So just learn it from someone who speaks English. But the most important thing is that if you switch r and l it’s really strange. For example, ‘I like to eat rice’. In English it’s, ‘I like to eat rice.’ But when Koreans first speak English, They say ‘I like to eat lice.’ That means something like I like to eat bedbugs. So learn the r and l pronunciation well! Also I attend college right? One of my Korean friends told me something last semester. She said: ‘everyone stood up and started crapping.’ When I heard it, I thought what? what did you say? what? Because in English, it means everyone stood up and started pooping. It means something like that. But she should have said: ‘everyone started clapping.’ that means everyone stood up and started clapping. So the r and l pronunciation is very important. Don’t make a mistake like that!

And third, when people ask questions, the answer is very important. For example, in Korea if you say yes when someone asks: “Are you not going to speak Korean?’ It means ‘yes, I won’t speak Korean.’ But that’s wrong in English. When people say: Are you not going to speak Korean anymore? Koreans usually say yes. But when you answer in English it means: ‘Yes, I will speak Korean’. But if you say no it means ‘no, I’m not going to …’ If you say yes in English, It means: Yes, I’m going to do that. But if you say no it means: ‘No, I’m not going to …’ So use yes and no well!

Fourth, the s-i pronunciation is really hard for Koreans. It’s because Koreans have the ’she’ pronunciation. But they don’t have a si pronunciation. But like r and l, the si sound is very important. If you say it wrong, you’ll swear. In English we have s-i-t, sit. In English, it means sit. So don’t use the s-h pronunciation. If you use s-h, it’s s-h-i-t, shit. poop. So: ‘I’m going to go sit on the chair’ means I’m going to go sit on the chair. But: ‘I’m going to go shit on the chair’ means I’m going to go poop on the chair. So please say the s-i pronunciation well!

Also, when Koreans speak English Sometimes they add an e sound at the end of words. Church is church in English. But, I’ve heard a lot of Koreans say churchy. Please don’t add the e sound to the end of words. Just add ‘uh’. So if you have to use konglish, don’t say ‘Chyeu-chi’. Say ‘Chyeu-chuh.’ That’s really important.

Lastly, Koreans sometimes use konglish when speaking English. Remember what the konglish is in English. For example, when my friend came here she said … Some guy gave my friend a ride. But when my friend saw his car, she said: ‘Nice open car!’ But in English, open car is convertible. So if you say open car to someone who speaks English, it’s strange There’s also eye shopping. People who speak English don’t say eye shopping, they say window shopping. But since I learned konglish sometimes I say eye shopping even though I speak English.

Those are mistakes that Koreans make when they speak English. But those aren’t all. There’s a lot of other things but this video is a little long isn’t it? So if I think of something new I’ll make another video. If you have a question, go to my blog or comment below Well, have a good day! Bye.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Three word phrases

I think today was kind of hopeful and the turn of events really gave me reason to look forward to working hard in the next four months with my THESIS.

Honestly, I have broken up with the idea that I will be a CUM LAUDE when I graduate but all of a sudden when I asked about the appeal, Ate Luming told me to prepare the necessary papers with back up of the College and that might just take care of everything. I came up with this idea since there is really nothing to lose. Graduate with honor or not, doesn't really make much difference but I toy with this idea and it makes me feel good. At least a reason to work hard.

This way also, I think I'll be able to keep up with my thesis partner who's been working hard on this. Finally, I can put up with her and no more self pity nor excuses. We'll get along fine so long as I cut down on excuses.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

JOURNAL | For The Better Me

[Gateway Cubao]

Met my high school friends, Algreen and Kathrina, today. As usual, I was late again by almost an hour. We were supposed to meet at 3pm but I arrived at 4pm. Well, so much for trying so hard to make it on time. The thing is, I think I had an insomnia attack last night. It was already morning when I felt sleepiness settle in. I woke up at the usual time, 1pm, got up after half an hour, had lunch and took a bath. When I finished everything it was already 3pm. I texted Kathrina hoping she’ll be late, but damn, she was already there waiting for me.

I just don’t get it. An hour is simply not enough for me? I think, I need to reconsider things and give myself a couple of hours to prepare if I have some appointments. I was telling myself on the way to Gateway that if this was a meeting with some important client, then I am so fucked up. I won’t have any career in the future. Two hours, that will be my mantra for the rest of the year. Talk about not being late.


I don’t want to forget this day. So despite my spent condition, I am continuing this journal.
As promised, I met my Korean friends in front of ShopWise[1] at 3pm. Took a cab since I was running late. The funny things was that, I got up from bed, changed clothes and went out immediately. No brushing of teeth, not even washing face. But I had to drop by Dolly’s place to hand over the money and eat lunch.

So, this story starts with my encounter of the stupid taxi driver. After arriving at ShopWise, I told the taxi driver to bring us instead to UP. The driver asked for an additional 30 Pesos saying that I didn’t tell him that we’ll change course. I didn’t agree. I said, what change would it make if I asked him to bring us to UP instead. He answered that he could have got another passenger and earn 30 Pesos if we I didn’t ask to drive us to UP. Anyway, I decided to write down the conversation between us.

Jogging in November

[Listening to John Mayer song]

My stomach really hurts badly, and I am worried I've hurt myself too badly I might have appendicitis. I just did the most stupid thing this morning, jogging after eating breakfast or was it jogging without having any sleep. Things I do to myself, sometimes I get surprised too. But I already called my friend Dazzle to ask about appendicitis and she said you don’t really get it from jumping after eating so I was kind of a relieved to hear that. She told me that the appendix is located just below the navel somewhere on the right side, diagonally from the navel. Perhaps, my body’s just aching from the strenuous jogging I did this morning.

JOURNAL | Reaction to ‘5 Ways to Hack Your Brains into Awesomeness’

These days I find writing personal journals quite cumbersome that I’d rather stay in bed and doze off. But that is really lazy and I seriously want to change that habit so I’ll try to write my thoughts down as often as possible. It’s just that whenever I open my laptop, instead of writing I just watch porn. I sometimes curse the makers of these porns. They simply distract me from doing what I should be doing. Anyway, today I will try to write down as much as I can.  

To start off, I chanced upon this article from the Internet talking about how people can use the hidden capabilities of the human mind. It talked about how we can control dreams, rhythm of sleep, and so on. Well, I was kind of intrigued by this since I can really control dreams sometimes. But I find doing just that quite difficult these days because of my hectic schedule. Wow, what an excuse. In this blog[1] entry, I’ll jot down some of these intriguing mental facts/fiction.  

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